Google Doodle Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

The Doodle saw 57 2019 US State Teachers of the Year collaborate to design it.
Loukia Papadopoulos

It is Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 this week and Google Doodle celebrated the event with a special Doodle. The Doodle was inspired by 57 2019 US State Teachers of the Year who visited Google in January.


A day in the life of a teacher

The teachers held their first group meeting  there and explored the theme “A day in the life of a teacher.” The Doodle features a kid-like drawing of the words "Google" surrounded by teacher-related objects such as a book, a pencil and a mug.

The Doodle was further complemented by a teacher's story who shared both his experience in the classroom and in creating the Doodle. 

A teacher's story

"Earlier this year, my fellow State Teachers of the Year and I flew in from every corner of the United States to meet in-person for the first time at Google headquarters. The week was full of workshops and activities, including one session in which every teacher was asked to dream up their own Doodles to show the world a day in the life of a teacher. When I thought about a day in my own life, my students—whose stories aren’t often told—rose to the forefront," said teacher Rodney Robinson.

"I often tell my students, “Sometimes in life, a temporary setback (detention) is what you need to refocus and dedicate yourself to achieving your dreams.” I kept that phrase—and my students—in mind as I created my Doodle, which I hoped would express the power of education for my students. In my Doodle, I drew some jail bars to represent detention, paired with a library book and couch to represent an opportunity for education, therapy, and healing. Finally, I drew a person flying away looking healed, educated, and happy."

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"I saw similar themes of hope and passion for students in my fellow teachers’ drawings and was excited to see the final Doodle: I always have said if you put a group of teachers in a room together, magic organically happens! That magic—partnered with the technological capabilities of Google—made creating this Doodle and my entire week at Google some of the most memorable moments in my teaching career."

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 to teachers around the world!

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