Google Maps Ads the Ability to Search for EV Charging Stations By Plug Type

Finding an electric vehicle charging station just got easier thanks to enhancements to Google Maps.
Donna Fuscaldo

It just got a little easier to find an electric charging station thanks to an upgrade of Google Maps. 

First spotted by Android Police, Google Maps not only displays the location of charging stations but now the type of charging connectors available.

That will be welcome news to the electric car enthusiasts out there given the vehicle manufacturers use different charging connectors. Nissan vehicles use CHAdeMo, while BMW and Volks Wagen use CCS and Tesla has its own connector, noted Android Police.


EVs don't use a singular charging connector 

Finding a charging station in the U.S. can be difficult as it is, but its made even harder because of the lack of a universal electric charging pump. That makes the ability to search based on connector type an important enhancement to Google Maps.

It added the EV charging station location feature earlier in 2019. It's by no way the first in offering the service, with several apps providing the ability to look for a charging station based on the connector.  Users searching for a charging station will now see a new drop-down menu that lets them choose by plug type. 

EV charging stations growing their presence

While the U.S. may not be a huge market for electric vehicles yet, it is growing with the industry pouring a lot of money into EVs. Earlier this month GM announced it was hooking up with LG Chem to produce battery cells for EVs. The two are throwing $2.3 billion behind the state-of-the-art plant, with production slated to commence in the middle of 2020.  Tesla announced in March its new V3 supercharging system that will enable some Model 3 vehicles to charge at a rate of 250kW.  That means it can add 75 miles of range in 5 minutes. 

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Outside of the U.S. electric vehicle charging stations are more common, with China surpassing 1 million in June. According to Xinhua, the official state-run press agency of the People's Republic of China the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance said charging posts have seen year-over-year growth of 69.3%. 

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