Google Now Offers Certificate Programs Cheaper than College Degrees

The firm said they would treat the certificates exactly like college degrees.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If you want to advance your career and increase your wage but can not afford to return to college, we have some good news for you. 


Google has revealed a plan to launch three certificates taught by Google employees that will be six months long, done entirely online, and will be counted as real alternatives to college degrees by the firm.

There are certificates that train enrollers for a job as a data analyst, project manager, or user experience designer. All these positions earn a median salary of at least $66,000 per year and are very in demand right now.

Previous certificates offered by the firm only went for $300 but some students won't even have to pay that much. Google will be giving out 100,000 scholarships for the new programs to those that need them most.

But that's not all. Google will also be offering graduating students career support by helping them prepare for interviews and even introducing them to prospective hiring firms.

Although there are plenty of online certificates, companies don't always deem them to be of very high value. This is where Google is making a true difference.

As one of the top employers in the world, taking these certificates as seriously as they would four-year degrees paves the way for more such programs to be created and for more employers to start taking certificates more seriously.

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Indeed, if more companies decided to follow Google's footsteps imagine how different the world would be. The door would be opened to once unhirable candidates and money would not be such a deciding factor for the members of the disadvantaged communities when trying to build one's future.

It would not be only those who can afford colleges that would get ahead but rather anyone with the willingness to learn and excel. That would be a true and just system!

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