Google Saves Robinhood, Deletes Thousands of Negative Reviews

The app went from a one-star rating back up to four stars.
Fabienne Lang
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Google sprung into action and deleted over 100,000 negative Robinhood app reviews on the Google Play Store after the site was hit by review-bombing.

The Robinhood app on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store dropped down to a one-star rating after hundreds of thousands of users organized themselves to negatively review it, The Verge confirmed.

Why Robinhood was review-bombed and how Google responded

The app is a popular way for consumers to join the stock market, but after it restricted certain stocks on Thursday, including GameStop, some angry app users took revenge by joining forces and negatively reviewing it. 

Robinhood app dropped from a four-star review rating down to one star in a day. 

Google Saves Robinhood, Deletes Thousands of Negative Reviews
A screenshot of Robinhood's app on the Play Store on Thursday. Source: 9to5Google

So Google took matters into its own hands and removed these reviews, a move the company confirmed to The Verge. It may seem like a drastic or even unfair move for Google to jump in to the rescue, but it is something Google is allowed to do in certain circumstances. 

Google Saves Robinhood, Deletes Thousands of Negative Reviews
Robinhood's app rating on Friday from the Apple App Store after the negative reviews were deleted. Source: Apple App Store

On its Google Play information page, Google explicitly states that "Reviews that violate this policy will be removed. Authorization to post reviews on Google Play may be withdrawn from anyone who repeatedly or grossly violates this policy." Some of the violations include "Do not post reviews to mislead other users or manipulate the rating."

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