Google officially unveils its first foldable Pixel phone

Details about specifications and pricing can be expected at next week's I/O event.
Ameya Paleja
Google's Pixel Fold unveiled, details to follow
Google's Pixel Fold unveiled, details to follow

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After months of rumors and leaks, Google has finally put to rest the suspense about launching its first foldable Pixel phone.

Called Pixel Fold, Google officially unveiled it on Star Wars Day, May 4th, in a tweet.

The tweet also has links to Google Play Store, where one can go ahead and pre-order the phone straight away. For those, who want to know more about the phone, there is a short wait until May 10, when Google will formally speak about it at its Google I/O event.

The concept of foldable phones has been lingering around for years now and companies like Samsung have even launched multiple iterations of foldable models. However, the idea hasn't really caught on due to some inherent problems with the technology. One can only hope that Google's long wait before debuting Pixel Fold was spent well on addressing these concerns.

What to expect from Pixel Fold?

For the past few years, Google has been providing a sneak preview of its products prior to a larger launch event to drive up some momentum and the Pixel Fold has been no exception. The search engine giant has co-opted Star Wars Day to make the Fold resonate and reach out to a larger audience, even though the suspense about specifications is maintained for a few more days.

For now, one has to rely on rumors and leaks that the Fold will be powered by Google's own Tensor G2 chipset, the one that also powers Pixel 7 devices and will feature a 48MP primary camera and two 10.8 MP cameras with ultrawide and a telephoto lens.

The front of the phone is likely to have a 5.8-inch display and the unfolding of the phone will reveal a 7.6-inch internal display. Both displays, given their sizes, will have different aspect ratios but will refresh at the rate of 120Hz.

Pixel Fold could be available in two internal memory formats of 256GB and 512GB, meaning there will be two price points for purchasing the phone. While we do not know the exact numbers as of now, it is likely to be upwards of $1,700, in the same spot as Samsung's foldable phone, give or take a $100.

With two displays to support, Google could either pack the Pixel Fold with a slightly larger battery and expect its Tensor chipset to do its job more efficiently to deliver 24 hours of normal and 72 hours of usage in an Extreme Battery Saver Mode.

But with all foldable phones, the major question is: is the hinge durable? We will have to wait till May 10 to find out.

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