Google, YouTube, NASA Goddard and More Change Their Twitter Handles to Reflect Halloween

From Boogle to Googhoul maps, the new twitter handles are both hilarious and cute.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The photo credit line may appear like thisGoogle/TwitterYouTube/Twitter

It seems everyone is in the Halloween spirit early this year as many organizations are changing their Twitter handles to reflect the spirited holiday.


In the Halloween spirit

YouTube is now BooTube, Google is Boogle and Google Maps Googhoul Maps. Other related sites are also following suit such as YouTube Gaming which is now Bootube Gaming and YouTube Creators which has become BooTube Creators.

Meanwhile, Google Developers has now become Ghoulish Deadvelopers with two skeleton emojis on each end of the words. Even more serious bodies such as NASA Goddard are getting in on the fun with the organization changing its Twitter handle to Nasa Gourd-dard.

The changes in names come with some interesting illustrations. Both BooTube and Boogle have some pumpkins where the Os are supposed to be while Googhoul Maps has a ghost emoji after the "Maps."

Meanwhile, NASA Gourd-dard changed both its picture thumbnail and background picture to that of a Halloweenish-looking star and a carved pumpkin respectively. We are loving these fun changes and are following closely to see if any more should arise before October 31st.


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