Google’s New Search Feature Finds Any Song You Hum, Whistle, or Sing to It

You don't even need to be pitch perfect for it to guess correctly.
Fabienne Lang

Got a song stuck in your head? Don't worry, Google has you covered. Yesterday, the tech giant launched an updated version of its app that helps you find the song title for any tune that's going around and around in your head. 

All you have to do is hum, whistle, or sing into your smartphone's microphone with the latest Google app open, and that's that! Gone are the days of relentlessly trying to guess which song you have stuck in your head. 

All it takes is seconds to name that song. 


From frustrating to amazing

You've forgotten the words to a song but you know the tune, and it keeps lingering in your head on repeat mode. It's frustrating as you don't have a way to figure out what the name of the song is, and how to get it out of your head. 

Google has answered your calls, so to speak. 

You just have to sing "do do da daa naa nooo" to the tune of the unknown song and Google's latest version of its app will figure the rest out for you. You don't even need to be able to sing properly or be pitch perfect because Google will offer you the most likely options for the song based on the tune.

Hum to Search technology
How the machine learning system works. Source: Google

Released yesterday on the latest version of the Google app, the new software currently works in English on iOS and in 20 languages on Android. Google plans to launch it in more languages on iOS in the near future. 

All you have to do is open your Google Search widget or open your Google app, click on the microphone button and ask "what's this song?" or press on the "Search a song" button. Then get your pipes warmed up and sing, hum, or whistle to your heart's content for 10 to 15 seconds

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Google managed to do this by building and using machine learning models that manage to match your version of the song to its correct melody. The tune you sing into Google's search engine will kick start the machine learning models that then turn the melody into a number-based sequence. 

After comparing this sequence to thousands of international songs, the system identifies potential matches. 

Pretty neat! Google's been busy this year, with this new software and previously with the unveiling of its brand new hardware.

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