Graduating Engineering Student Gets Home Ceremony After Mother Put in Hospice Care

The event saw the university praised for its dedication to its students' happiness.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Graduating from university is undoubtedly one of the most significant achievements in our lives. The event is a culmination of years of work and often involves the aid of our most loved ones.


A lifelong dream

That is why it is so essential that those closest to us be able to share the experience with us. This is how one student from California State University, Long Beach felt.

Mechanical engineering student Zachary Martinez’ mother entered hospice care and he simply could not stand to have his graduation without her. In light of this, he reached out to his school's Student Affairs department.

The request was a touching one. He wanted to know if a special diploma ceremony could be held so that his mother could see the fulfillment of his degree, an event that the university referred to as a "lifelong dream."

A special home ceremony

Not all schools would comply but, luckily for Martinez and his family, the university agreed. Associate Provost Dhushy Sathianathan and Student Affairs Associate Vice President Jeff Klaus traveled all the way to the Martinez family home in Anaheim.

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Once there, they wore their full commencement regalia and presented the diploma to Martinez in front of his mother and family. A picture of the special ceremony was shared on the university's Facebook page and saw many people praise the institution for its dedication to their students' happiness.

What do you think of this touching event? How did you spend your graduation ceremony?

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