Greenlight Capital President Receives Short Shorts, Mistakenly Thinks They Are From Elon Musk

What started as a joke by the Tesla CEO to send the investor a consolation gift unfolded into an ongoing humorous saga that saw apparel maker Chubbies offer up their defective merchandise.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Another twist was revealed Saturday in what has been an ongoing Tesla short shorts related tweet saga. The humorous drama began last week when Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to news that Greenlight Capital president David Einhorn would not renew his Tesla lease.

A consolation gift of short shorts


The entrepreneur announced he would be sending the hedge fund manager a box of short shorts for consolation. On Friday, it seemed Musk had lived up to his promise.

Einhorn took to Twitter to share pictures of the clothing items supposedly sent to him by the man he had been betting against. He thanked Musk for the gift calling him "a man of his word" but could not resist poking at Tesla.

The investor added that the merchandise came with some "manufacturing defects." He even included a Tesla hashtag. 

Soon thereafter, it was revealed that online clothing brand Chubbies were the ones who had actually sent the shorts to Einhorn. The San Francisco-based apparel maker's founder Kyle Hency told CNBC that Musk had not asked the firm to send the merchandise.

However, the CEO seemed to appreciate the gesture responding to the revelation with a laughing face emoji and the word "awesome." An old tweet of Chubbies announcing they were preparing the package even resurfaced.

Manufacturing defects confirmed

Hency then further tweeted to clarify that it was indeed his company that sent the shorts and guarantee that the items were in fact defective. The products sent were the short shorts deemed unfit for customers.

Ever the prankster, Musk continued the playful conversation by claiming that "sexy" short shorts would be coming soon to Tesla's merchandise list. He then added that "unisex" thigh high socks would also be included.

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Although the thread is in all likelihood humorous, the CEO has previously offered limited edition flamethrowers and fashionable surfboards. Could Tesla fans hope to see custom-made short shorts and socks?

Musk also proceeded to spar a little more with Einhorn asking him to put on the tiny apparel and take a selfie. That is one request the founder of Greenlight Capital is unlikely to grant.

The tweets were all in good fun and are in reference to Einhorn's short position on Tesla shares. The investor's approach to the electric vehicle firm, however, has cost him much this year.

Greenlight Capital's fund saw an 18.3% decrease in the first half of 2018 with the carmaker counting as the second-largest contributor to those losses. Perhaps a little friendly banter with Musk will make the fund manager reconsider his unprofitable Tesla stance.


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