Grow Your Own Veggies at Home with One Click

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One app lets users grow their own salad greens, veggies and herbs just by clicking a button. The Click & Grow Wall Farm allows you to grow fresh fruits and veggies hyper-locally year round.

The product is a great solution to those interested in indoor gardening, guerilla gardening, permaculture or responsible farming. The innovative Wall Farms and Smart Gardens are designed to supply the freshest GMO-free veggies and greens by using latest technology to make gardening effortless.

Estonia-based Click & Grow boasts GMO-free plants that include 600 percent more vitamins than usual produce. The plants take root in Smart Soil technology, soil designed to use 95 percent less water than traditional growing methods.

click-grow-9[Image source: Click & Grow]

The company sells different kinds of kits for anyone with any level of experience. You can start gardening with a starter kit, Smart Garden, or install the Wall Farm somewhere in your home. Use the app to simply Click & Grow.

The Wall Farm, which is the latest feature from the company, can be an option for small restaurants, homes, even daycare centers.

click-grow-4[Image source: Click & Grow]

If you don't have enough space for a Wall Farm, the company sells Wall Farm Minis. The Smart Garden can grow three plants in one pot and can be placed wherever you want.

click-grow-1[Image source: Click & Grow]


"The backbone of our technology is the specially developed nanomaterial Smart Soil that keeps the level of oxygen, water, pH and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level. The Smart Soil is made of natural renewable sources and is biodegradable. No Pesticides, Fungicides or Herbicides are used to grow the plants.

click-grow-10[Image source: Click & Grow]

The Wall farm also features ultra-efficient grow lights and electronic precision irrigation (EPI) that makes it possible to use up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods."

click-grow-6[Image source: Click & Grow]

All Click & Grow gardens are lit with adjustable LED lamps. The LEDs offer an enhanced light spectrum to drive the growing process. In-unit sensors regularly monitor light intake, water, vitals and nutrients.

click-grow-3[Image source: Click & Grow]

"The growth rate and yield of Click & Grow plants are 30 percent faster than those of soil-grown plants, under the same conditions. The main difference is extra oxygen in the smart soil that helps to stimulate root growth. Plants with ample oxygen in the root system absorb nutrients faster. The nutrients are sent directly to the root system and the plant does not have to search in the soil for the nutrients that it requires. Our plants require very little energy to find and break down food and use this saved energy to grow faster and produce more fruit."

click-grow-2[Image source: Click & Grow]

Click & Grow could be the next step in reintroducing the benefits of gardening to a tech-savvy generation.

click-grow-12[Image source: Click & Grow]

If you want to grow healthy and delicious veggies, just Click & Grow! Full-sized units cost $800 and come with a $60 subscription with 20 plants each month. Smart Gardens cost $60.

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