The Growroom Sphere Gives a 360 Degree Tour of Gardening

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The Growroom serves as a theater in the round for urban farming enthusiasts. The multi-layered sphere offers seemingly endless opportunities for growing fresh fruits, veggies and herbs at easy access to city dwellers.

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The Growroom recently launched at Copenhagen's Chart Art Fair and multiplies growing space with layers in a globe shape.

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Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum crafted the innovative and eco-friendly orb to boost sustainability. The Growroom was a part of Space10's "future-living lab," a collection of tools to aid urban farmers and and boost green spaces in metropolitan environments.

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"We envision a future where we start to grow much more food inside our cities. Incomplete self-sustaining ecosystems, that supply us with super fresh food of highest quality. All year round. Food that tastes better, is healthier for us, more nutritional and doesn’t put massive pressure on our dwindling supplies of fresh water nor our environment."

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LEDs illuminate the spherical gazebo on each floor. The piled plant boxes overflow with vegetation. There's ample seating inside and an always-open doorway.

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Cammilla Hjort, Director of Space10 says:

“We’re inviting you to step inside the growing green haven, smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants, and hopefully it will spark passion about growing your own food in the future.”

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The creative team collaborated with gardener Sebastian Dragelykke and interior designer Thomas Sandahl to create a lush, tasty future. The skeleton of the multi-sensory pavilion is a cylindrical metal shelving structure to carry the plants and planter boxes installed within.

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The Growroom was designed for small public areas as like parks and even personal backyards and gardens as well. City-dwellers might not have nature around at all, but at least new technologies are booming and giving people a chance to live healthier. Furthermore, The Growroom is also a great way to show children the mechanics and the process of small-scale growing and farming.

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What to Expect Next

While scientists continue to work on artificial lighting, automation and hydroponic systems, urban growing technologies will continue to improve. Through these technologies, we could give plants optimal nutrients, oxygen, minerals and water. These technologies allow us to grow plants faster with less waste and less water needed, lowering our carbon footprint.

The demo version of the Growroom just exhibited at the Vice Munchies Food Fair and Chart Art Fair, but surely it'll take the attention that deserves and will be around sometime in future.

Via: Space10

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