Guy Builds UFO Chicken Coop and Attracts 'Eggcelent' Puns Online

Could this be the start of a new TV series called Close Hencounters?
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UFO chicken coopBrett W./YouTube

You've heard of extra-terrestrials, but have you ever heard of eggsraterestials? Probably not. But a recently-posted video on Reddit of a chicken coop built as a UFO is garnering a ton of comments, and puns to match its creativity. 

The video itself was posted on YouTube two years ago, and it seems to have made a recent resurgence on the popular site, Reddit

It has to be said, the UFO chicken coop is a sight to behold, with its rotating flashing lights and eerie green under lights. Watching the unperturbed chickens calmly making their way up the gangway and into the coop is a quirky affair indeed. 


Hens and puns

UFO could now stand for 'Unidentified Flying Omelette', as one punny Reddit user posted beneath the video. And we couldn't agree more! 

The puns don't stop there, however, as the next post responded with "Eggzactly what I was thinking," followed by comments about "Eggstraterestial," and "So long and thanks for the grain," amongst other excellent comments.

As chicken coops go, this is one to be proud of. The chickens don't seem to notice anything different about their laying ground and trundle up the gangway into their other-worldly home. 

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And why not create a fun spot for our feathery friends? Other fun and creative chicken coops are abound, it seems. For instance, why not turn an old VW bug car into a coop? Or a tiki hut in the form of an acorn? 

Guy Builds UFO Chicken Coop and Attracts 'Eggcelent' Puns Online
VW Bug House for chickens. Source: Tuey Artist/Pinterest
Guy Builds UFO Chicken Coop and Attracts 'Eggcelent' Puns Online
Tiki hut for chickens. Source: DavidQuick/Pinterest

There's lots you can create thanks to chickens, just take a look at this guy setting a world record thanks to eggs

And here's the UFO chicken coop in question: 

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