Guy Creates 10" Tall AirPod and It Works like a Charm

A Reddit user created a giant AirPod that could never get lost.
Nursah Ergü

We all have the same questions on buying AirPods of Apple; would I lose them? Would they fall off? Would they get in my ear while sleeping? Would my child eat them? Because obviously, they're too small to control and no cable feature makes the situation much harder. 


Well, a Reddit user, Master_Aar, came up with a solution for these problems. To create the 10" tall AirPod, he just used a 3D printer, window screen, and a speaker to put inside the AirPod. 

The user said to Mashable that it took about five hours to model the AirPod and 15 hours to print it with a 3D printer. Also, the giant AirPod works perfectly, it can be used via Bluetooth just like the normal ones.

I made a large (10" tall) fully functional (bluetooth) AirPod from r/mildlyinteresting


Some users in Reddit called the giant AirPod "a fancy hairdryer" and "smart air dryer by Apple." And even though some users asked if it was on purchase, Master_Aar said that he can't sell it because of various reasons.

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In a comment, Master_Aar said about the gadget, "It gets loud enough to be a TV speaker, but the sound quality is pretty bad. It's mostly for aesthetics, would not recommend practical use."

He created the left earbud first, now he's planning to create the right one to pair with the left one.

What do you think about this huge AirPod? Would you buy them as a pair? It seems like this pair of AirPods would be impossible to lose, huh?

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