Guy Creates Pedestrian Horn That Saves Lives and Time in a Big City

This Manhattan guy created a Pedestrian horn and it's going to save you from a lot of trouble out on the street.
Nursah Ergü

If you're living in a city with millions of people, you must know the pain and torture of trying to survive in a busy street with thousands of cars and people. Heavy traffic in rush hour, cars that don't move when the green light is on because they're checking their phone, people trying to cross the street when the red light is on for pedestrians and more stuff like these. And almost everytime, you honk if you're driving.


And what if you're a pedestrian? When you're trying to make your way home in a busy street and you see a couple kissing in the middle of the street, a tourist poses for a photo in the footpath, people walking slowly as a group in a narrow road when you're late to work, or a car tries to have the priority of way in the crosswalk... What are you going to do, yell at them? That's not nice at all.

A guy called Yosef Lerner came up with a brilliant idea for this problem. He created a Pedestrian Horn. In the video he uploaded on YouTube, he honks every time when someone makes these kinds of mistakes. However, he says in the video "What if people were cars?" And he adds as he continues honking to people "Would you do this?" He ends the video by saying "You wouldn't do this. So why are you doing it in a car?" 

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Apparently, he criticizes the drivers who honk constantly in the traffic. However, it seems like the pedestrian horn attracted a lot of attention and it was liked by so many people that when Yousef Lerner put it on his own website to sell for $699, someone bought it. Unfortunately and most probably, the Pedestrian Horn might be a one-off creation. We'll see in the future.

And if this product would actually become a thing, would you buy it?