Half-Life Makes Its Debut As a Virtual Reality Game

In a big moment for the VR gaming world, Valve unveiled its new Half-Life VR game.
Donna Fuscaldo

In what is a historic moment for the virtual reality world, Valve Software, the company behind the Half-Life game, announced the release of Half-Life: Alyx, a full-length VR game. 

It marks the first new game in the Half-Life series and comes twenty-one years after the hugely popular game was first released.

"VR was built for the kind of gameplay that sits at the heart of Half-Life, and Half-Life: Alyx was built from the ground up for VR. You'll be able to play it on any SteamVR compatible system," Valve said on Twitter when announcing the game's release. 

The excitement all started with a Tweet last week in which a Valve account said Half-Life Alyrx will be unveiled 21 November at 10 am Pacific Time. 


Valve has been promising full-length VR games for sometime 

Valve Software had vowed in 2017 to make three VR games and this appears to be the first delivery on that promise. Back then Valve, which co-created the HTC Vive headset, told Eurogamer that it intends to make three virtual reality games and not short titles but full-length games. 

The game is designed to work with PC VR systems made by companies including Oculus and HTC. According to media reports, the VR Half-Life title will also work with Windows Mixed Reality. Valve's Index headsets will also be supported. This Half-Life game is a prequel which may disappoint fans of Half-Life.  After all, Valve never came out with Half-Life 3 despite vowing to release a trilogy. 

Sorry Half-Life Fans, this one's all about the sidekick

Speculation has abounded that Alyx in the game refers to Alyx Vance, protagonist Gordon Freeman's friend, and ally. Half-Life was a first-person shooter video game that took the world by storm when it was released in 1998.  Players become Freeman, a scientist who has to get back to his research facility following an experiment with aliens that went very bad. Freeman encounters many aliens and enemies on his quest to return to the research lab. Half-Life was lauded at the time for its graphics, gameplay and the storyline. 

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