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eterra-farrow-partnership-eco-resort-1[Image Source : Farrow Partnership Studio]

E’terra Samara is a five-star resort designed by Farrow Partnership Studio and consists of twelve tree-house villas spread within Canada’s Bruce Peninsula forest. UNESCO listed this forest as a World Biosphere Reserve, so in order to work in harmony with the ambient landscape, the tree-houses are designed to be suspended in a way that they surround the trees, rather than being nailed directly into the wood.

Each tree-house has a “veranda” on the open part of the structure, and also features a sleeping part within the deepest “fruit” section of the villa. All of the individual tree-houses will be located specially to take advantage of site-specific features to allow maximum privacy and optimum light. The tree-houses will be constructed and installed during the winter months with the idea to cause minimal disruption to surrounding plants, as the project is still at development stage.

Tree-2[Image Source : Farrow Partnership Studio]

The house design was inspired by a propeller-like seed capsule that falls from maple trees in autumn, called samara. Building process uses sailing boat construction techniques to create the smooth shapes from locally-sourced wood. Each tree-house is protected from the surrounding environment by a fabric coverage which will function like the leaves of a tree and will be constructed of PTFE fiberglass-coated non-toxic and self-cleaning titanium dioxide coating. The tree-house villas will form a part of the greater E’terra resort.

tumblr_mcxi5agHMl1r4whgbo2_1280[Image Source : Farrow Partnership Studio]


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