Hasbro Kicking It Old School, Bringing Back Tiger's LCD Handheld Games from the 90s

Starting with some fan favorites: Sonic, Transformers, X-Men, and the Little Mermaid.
Fabienne Lang
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Hasbro Gaming/Facebook

It's time to get nostalgic: Hasbro is bringing back Tiger Electronics' LCD retro handheld games from the nineties. 

Announcing their decision on Wednesday, Hasbro will first release four new versions of the handheld device, starting at $14.99 each.


An autumnal release

Sticking to their origins, the handheld devices will only play one game each. The launch titles include the Little Mermaid, Transformers: Generation 2, X-Men Project X, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3. 

You can join in the fun as early as now by preordering yours from GameStop, here

Even though these will be the new versions of each game, Hasbro has assured everyone that each game will still have its iconic 90s look. They each have a familiar control setup, with black and white monochrome graphics placed atop of a static, bright, and colorful background. 

Each device requires two AA batteries (not included in the sales pack), and the company said that "the design and technology were created with the original handheld game unit in mind."

Hasbro told PC News that "Each game will bring gamers and die-hard retro fans back to the 90s with the design and technology created with the original game unit in mind."

So get ready for some 90s fun!

The world of gaming has evolved over the decades. Nowadays you can download most titles onto your smartphone, laptop, or Nintendo. However, back in the day gamers had to go out and buy a portable game. There was the Nintendo GameBoy, and the Sega Game Gear, but these came at a pretty penny. 

This is where Tiger Electronics came into play — literally. The company created specialized handheld LCD products that were affordable, and popular. It's no wonder nostalgic heartstrings are being tugged now that the iconic Tiger games are making a reappearance.


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