The Head Hammock- Finally a Solution to Sleep on Planes

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head-hammock-nodpod-sleep-travel-pillow-aeroplane-6[Image Source: Kickstarter/NodPod]

The final solution is here- the NodPod enables you to sleep in nearly any vehicle, comfortably and without worry.

With hundreds of travel flying hours under my belt, I can personally say sleeping on planes is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks to achieve. The congested metal tube barely gives you enough room to breath, let alone attempt to sleep. The chairs barely recline (if you are fortunate enough to have a functional one), and naturally, there is always a larger person sitting next you, leeching their body onto your armrest, eliminating the chance to even comfortably rest your arm.

Now, if you get the chance to fall asleep, the poorly designed headrests cannot contain your head during the inevitable moments. Your head slips and falls onto your neighboring passenger- as you wake, embarrassed, trying to apologize for your wrong-d0ings, you sit back wide-eyed, worried that if you fall asleep again then only an onslaught of embarrassment will ensue.

Naturally, airline travel is probably the most uncomfortable method of transportation. Fortunately, however, inventor Paula Blankenship finally developed the sleep travel conundrum by developing the NodPod- the hammock for your head.

The project began on Kickstarter with a pledge of just US $20,000. Pledging just US $25 will admit you to a flawless night of sleep with the NodPod. Currently, the project has received over $150,000 in funds.

Made out of high-quality memory foam and featuring a water repellent design, the NodPod promises hours of rejuvenation with uninterrupted sleep. The NodPod, however, reaches further than just the limitations of airplanes. It can also be used in cars as well as trains to provide a final solution to restless journeys. No longer will you wake up with kinks in your neck, regretting every decision to close your eyes, nor will you have to wake up with the dreaded awkwardness of waking up on someone else's shoulder. Keep your head up- with the NodPod to finally allow you the sleep you deserve.

Your investment into a better-rested future and a forever changed travel lifestyle could start with your $25 pledge on Kickstarter. Nevermind quantum computing, perhaps this could be the revolution of the century.

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