A Razer gaming headset reportedly saved a life by deflecting a stray bullet

You read that right.
Chris Young
The Razer headset (left) and the bullet hole in the window (right).Enough_Dance_956/Reddit

A Razer Kraken gaming headset allegedly saved the life of a wearer by stopping a bullet after it came crashing through their window while they were sat talking to their friends.

The story — brought to our attention by TechRadar — comes from Reddit user Enough_Dance_956 who says they in their home in California when the stray bullet smashed through the window.

As one Reddit user replied, "that's crazy. Hypersense haptics felt real for a second."

Gaming headset deflects stray bullet

In a massive stroke of good fortune, the bullet ricocheted off the headband of the Razer headset, letting the Redditor live to see another day and leading to them posting their thread titled "Razer saved my life".

In their Reddit post, they shared several photos revealing their window, their damaged headset, and the bullet itself, which apparently ricocheted off the headset before hitting the wall of the wearer's bedroom and landing on their bed.

"If it wasn’t for the headphones made with good quality, I would've been a dead kid at the age of 18," the Razer headset wearer wrote. "I couldn’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends would’ve been through".

"It came from a block away. It was a stray bullet. Someone with bad aim almost killed me while I was just talking to my friends," they added. 

In 2020, a similar report emerged of a woman's life being saved by her breast implants, which stopped a bullet from reaching vital organs.

Incredible luck lets gamer see another day

The alleged headset bullet deflection occurred in Torrance, Florida, and police reportedly came to the scene to remove the bullet and investigate the scene.

Though some Reddit users questioned whether the story was real, the Redditor provided several photos to back up their claims. Of course, without a police report, it's hard to know whether the story is true or not. If it is faked though, the Redditor made their story impressively believable.

As Enough_Dance_956 points out, they want to thank Razer as if they had "moved an inch forward or back, [they] would've been dead." It's likely that any similar sturdy headset with a stainless steel band would have done the same thing. 

If the story is true, it is also down to sheer luck that this gamer was hit at the exact angle and trajectory that allowed the bullet to ricochet off their headset rather than take their life.

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