Here are 7 Potentially Interesting Jobs of the Future

If you are looking for a change in career, or are worried about your child's future, these 7 jobs of the future might be worth thinking about.
Christopher McFadden

"Times they are a-changin'" as Bob Dylan famously said, none less so than the job market of the future. Innovations like the internet are set to change the labor market beyond all recognition in the future

But, just like the Industrial Revolution, newer technologies always make older jobs redundant - especially as automation replaces human beings in many roles. This creative destruction should, however, be embraced rather than feared.


It will open up new potential jobs, many we can not even conceive of. Who, for example, could possibly have imagined jobs like software engineers, SEO specialists, etc back in the 1920s or even 1950s?

Here are 7 interesting possible jobs in the future. We would like to thank Crimson Eduction for these suggestions.

What job should I study for the future?

Like any potential career choice, you should look to pursue a career in something you find interesting. Whilst the following 7 are some examples of potential future careers, do take it with a pinch of salt. 

After all, no one can predict the future with any real certainty. The best advice most career or life professional will give you is to think of something you would happily do for free.

If you get paid for it too, it's a win, win. 

But, if you are looking for general trends, the internet is likely to continue to be a significant driver in the future. Other developing technologies like AI, robotics, computer science, and other STEM fields are likely to only grow exponentially in the future.


Engineering is likely to always be on demand and will continue to be one of the most rewarding career choices you could ever make.

At the end of the day, it's your life, so you choose what you want to do. And be honest with yourself!

1. Why not become an Alternative Energy Engineer/Consultant?

future jobs alt energy consultant
Source: Kenueone/Wikimedia Commons

As the world's supply of fossil fuels begins to run out, alternative energy sources will need to be found. This will become an ever growing industry in the future, and a place ripe for future employment.


From renewables to other, yet to be discovered energy sources, alternative energy is literally going to be the future. This is where an alternative energy engineer will play their part.

Such engineers will specialize in this field and be responsible for all things energy from single sites to city scales. They will be required to assess and design the best sustainable energy sources for the community at large.

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Specialist degrees in this field are already on offer from MIT, and the University of Texas, Austin.

2. Becoming and Earthquake Forecaster might be worth a punt

future jobs earthquake
Source: Pixabay

Earthquakes appear to be becoming more common over time. Especially big ones.

With some major cities, like San Francisco, well overdue for the next big one, there is going to be a growing need for someone to accurately predict them.

This will require accurate maps of the Earth's core and crust and develop plans and strategies to help forecast them with plenty of warning to save lives.

Such a career will require strong STEM skills and have some background in Geoscience, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Currently, many universities are offering degrees in Geoscience, Geophysics and other related fields. CalTech, The University of Colorado, and ETH Zurich are some of the best in the world.

3. Waste Engineer might be an interesting career choice

future jobs waste engineer
Source: 4Ocean Blog

Human beings produce an estimated 2.6 billion pounds (1.1 billion kgs) or waste every year. Most of this is simply buried underground, but there is a growing industry to reuse, recycle or burn it for energy.


Clearly just burying it is very wasteful and not particularly sustainable in the long run. Humans will have an ever growing need to be more resourceful with all this wasted mass.

This will likely be an area were engineers of the future could make a real difference. You could figure out how to burn more of it or use to make other materials for construction.

This could be a very interesting and rewarding career choice of the future. Obviously, the job title might need some work.

Currently, a few institutions are offering similar degrees in this field. It will likely be a sub-discipline of existing engineering degrees like Civil or Chemical engineering.

Some of the best universities in the world for these disciplines are MIT, Stanford, and the University of Cambridge in the UK.

4. Organ/Body Part Creator might be an actual career of the future

future jobs body parts
Source: Carnegie Mellon University

The need for replacement organs is a growing one every single day. It is estimated that a new donor is added to waiting lists for transplants every 12 minutes or so.

Whilst to date this requires someone to be a viable organ donor, in the future we might simply be able to print them or grow them on demand. Future organ creators should be able to create new organs and body parts from patient stem cells and other materials yet to be discovered.

This might be one of the most interesting and rewarding career choices in the near future.

Clearly, candidates would need a strong background in STEM with specific emphasis on biology, genetics, and biomedical engineering. Various institutions around the world are world leaders in this area.

For example Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, and Duke University in North Carolina.

5. Personal Internet of Things (IoT) Security Repair Person or Consultant

future jobs IOT engineer
Source: Korulczyk/Wikimedia Commons

Calling out plumbers or other repairers when something goes wrong with your home appliances is common practice today. But as our homes become progressively 'smarter' what are we going to do when our IoT gadgets go wrong or are hacked?


Perhaps an IoT repairer will become an actual job of the future. Hacking is lacking to become a real daily concern, and this is where these repairers or security consultant will come in handy.

As an IoT Security Repair Person, you’ll be in charge of thwarting hackers before they cause any damage and fixing any damage that you’re unable to prevent.

Candidates would need a strong background in STEM, critical thinking and IT. The most relevant current disciplines overlap between Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

MIT, Boston University, and Carnegie tend to rank the highest for these disciplines around the world.

6. Flying Car Flight Instructors would be really fun

future jobs flying cars
Source: The Gadget Flow

Whilst flight instructors already exist, if the long-overdue flying vehicle revolution ever comes someone is going to need to teach others how to fly them. They will likely fit the role of today's driving instructors and will need to be experts in the field.


Lessons will cover the basics of operating flying vehicles but might also need to include instruction on navigation and flight safety, amongst other skills.

This will clearly need a background in STEM, critical thinking, people skills, and other related topics. It will also probably require expertise in things like communication, physics, computer science, and, of course, piloting.

7. Why not become a Commercial Space Pilot?

future jobs space pilot
Source: Pixabay

And last, but by no means least, on our list of future jobs might just be the coolest. As visionaries like Elon Musk and Richard Branson push ahead with their commercial space programs, civilian space transportation might actually become a reality very soon.

But pilots of these commercial space vehicles are going to require some specialized training and instruction before allowing adventurous individuals out into space. Candidates are probably going to need to undergo similar training to astronauts but will also need other flight training skills much like commercial aircraft pilots today.

This will likely be an incredibly tough and rewarding career and one that will literally be out of this world. We simply can't wait.

This kind of profession will require candidates to have strong backgrounds in STEM. They are likely to need undergraduate degrees in things like Aerospace Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science.

You will also probably need to have excellent physical and mental health.

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