Here's What Instagram Would Look Like Running on Windows 95

Trevor English
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Modern technology is great, but I am sure that most of us miss the amazing operating system that is Windows 95. An artist recently took some 8-bit inspiration from the now ancient OS and recreated Instagram if it were to run in Windows 95. The result was an amazing clash of retro programming and modern social media. Just take a look at the Windows/ Instagram logo below.

[Image Source: Petapixel]

Instagram would, of course, run as a .exe coming with the nostalgic menu options and buttons. Designer Misha Petrick  is the mind behind these amazing animations, which confuse your brain if you try to grasp them. Below, you can see the animation for how one would upload a gif and select different filters.

[Image Source: Petapixel]

In the days when the internet was still just in its infancy, people would have been unable to wrap their heads around modern media. If they had, however, it probably would have looked a little something like this. The feed and stats below are actually exactly what Misha's Instagram looks like, in Windows 95 form of course.

[Image Source: Petapixel]

Here's another animation from his Instagram feed, and you could probably trick the younger generation into thinking Instagram existed back in the day with this one.


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