Hilarious Stop-motion Video Depicts The Future of Our Morning Routines

Trevor English

As we face the ever growing possibility of having completely automated lives, people are left to speculate just exactly how it will work. Will we become like human vegetables where robots do absolutely everything for us, or will our potential and human interaction only be increased from smart robotics. One thing is for sure, if robots could in some way eliminate the need for that annoying morning routine, I think we would all be on board. Filmmaker Meghann Artes created a hilarious stop-motion video showing just what our future mornings might look like.


Imagine rolling out of bed and simply standing on a moving platform to be transported to the bathroom where robots will take care of everything. That reality is probably a long way off, but in theory, the ability to make that happen is already here. Who knew that brushing your teeth and shaving didn't need to be arduous morning tasks? Robots can do all that for you, or at least, that's the dream. It will probably take a little bit of time before I trust a robot arm to shave my face with a straight razor, but maybe that's just me?

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