How Mechanical Engineering Diplomas Will Help Build Your Dream Life

Is a mechanical engineering diploma in 2018 the key to getting what you want out of life? You can be sure of one thing. It will be an interesting road. 
Interesting Engineering

It’s one of those decisions that can make or break your life. How do you know which study option to pick?

This decision is especially tough if you’re not sure what your future goal should be. That’s when you can consider diploma courses that provide a wide range of knowledge and give access to many careers. 

Is Mechanical Engineering Your Answer?

One interesting option is a diploma in mechanical engineering. You can use it as a starting point for future studies, or use the knowledge to hone your current skills. Enhanced knowledge may help you obtain a higher salary. 

Here’s what you’ll learn about:

-Project management


-CAD computer programming software

-Engineering design

-Engineering management

-Technology and materials used in the engineering field



It’s usually a two-year course. And after those two years, you can take your pick of job opportunities. Mechanical engineers have important roles in many industries such as construction and oil. But with further study, you can even get involved with the aerospace industry or marine projects.

Here’s the best thing about diploma courses. Some institutions offer online options and international study opportunities too. You can study at your own pace, which is especially helpful if you’re currently employed and have limited free time. Simply make sure they provide your course in English or your native language. 

Do you have a school in mind already? Let’s look at some reputable institutions from around the world you can apply to. Or compare them with your current options and make sure the facility you pick gives you access to the right job opportunities for your future. 

Which School Will You Pick?

Please don’t pick the first school you think of or the one closest to your home. Picking the right institution for your education is vital to where you’ll end up one day. The university you pick should showcase qualities that these schools portray.

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

With mechanical engineering diplomas from this New Zealand institute, you’ll walk away with a Level 6 qualification. The course is focused on teaching engineers to improve machines in terms of safety and efficiency. The school provides practical experience during field trips. In the small class setup students are supported throughout the challenges of the course. 

Sault College

This 2-year course prepares you for the role of mechanical engineering technician. These individuals’ knowledge of technology is important in industries such as steel and wind energy. You’ll be able to help plan projects, develop CAD computer drawings, implement the plan and even handle maintenance of the machinery.

Most Popular

Such a broad scope opens up many job opportunities. Make sure your school can offer the same. 

University of Johannesburg

From UJ the National Diploma Extended in Mechanical Engineering is ideal if you would like to work on your own. Many engineering positions require supervision after an undergraduate degree is finished. But after this course, you’ll already be able to handle projects such as mechanical engineering design work and even handle managerial duties in an engineering environment.

College Boreal

At Boreal you have more than one option:

-Consider the Technical Mechanical Engineering—Industrial Mechanic Millwright degree. This encompasses both technical and business studies. Firstly you’ll have general mechanical knowledge covering CAD, the science of hydraulics, math, lubricants, bearings and much more. Secondly, the college provides specialized training including laser alignment and vibration analysis. They pair these technical fields with business studies. Now you’re ready to use your skills to work on mechanical equipment, but also to handle strains of the business world.

-With Boreal’s Mechanical Engineering Technician diploma you’ll learn about many mechanical systems, but you’ll also see it in action. The college provides practical internship options to help students be more prepared when entering the job market.

If you’re researching schools’ services, ask about practical experience options. If you can take part in them, it will benefit you in the long term. 

BCA Academy

This is no ordinary diploma. It focuses on producing a green collar workforce and is called Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Green Building Technology). Note that it’s a full-time course on campus. Will your current schedule allow this?

With this diploma, you’ll be learning how the latest technology and mechanical innovations help you make optimum use of resources such as energy and water. All of this without harming people’s or environmental health.

With a growing concern regarding global warming, this is an ideal diploma to consider. 

Confederation College

At this school, you can obtain a general Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, or join the exciting world of aerospace innovation with the Diploma in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology. 

Help University

At Help University you can start aligning your subject selection with your future goals, as soon as you discover your passion. The university allows specialization and the internships they provide will help you make an informed decision. 


They also prepare you for the business world you’ll enter one day with subjects such as Introduction to Entrepreneurial Behaviour. 

Will the school you consider prepare you for all the aspects of your future career?


You won’t know instantaneously which career path to pick. It requires research and self-knowledge. Then you can align the job requirements with your own expectations and talents. Is a mechanical engineering diploma in 2018 the key to getting what you want out of life? You can be sure of one thing. It will be an interesting road.