How to Choose the Right Laser for Your 3D Printer?

Endurance Lasers produce lasers for 3D printers and CNC machines to ensure the highest quality cut and engraving.
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Created: 9/16/2019
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3D printing, CNC machining, and other digitized manufacturing techniques are taking the industry by storm. A modern approach to a production process does not only help a business to stand out of a fierce rivalry but also accelerate product design and development. In 2018, 93% of companies using 3D printing, gained tangible advantages in the market, such as a shorter time-to-market period and production runs for consumers. 

How to Choose the Right Laser for Your 3D Printer?
Endurance Lasers. Source: Endurance Lasers

Despite making work more efficient, 3D printing and CNC machining are ideal for accurate product design. Due to fully digitized and automated nature, these machines can produce prototypes and further projects with the highest levels of precision. The use of such tools reduces manual work, which results in fewer human errors and delays. 

However, you can't achieve a thorough cut without advanced laser technology. Lasers are a significant part in making accurate shapes and forms and execute them flawlessly. Whether you're a professional 3D printers maker or just starting out in the field, it's vital to use only the top-notch lasers for your printers. 


Lasers do not only help to execute an excellent cut, but also make your work more efficient. The technology allows you to expand your service scope and produce even tiny and complex design parts. 

Lasers for 3D printers

Despite numerous benefits of high-level 3D printer lasers, you can do more damage than good if you choose unqualified service providers. 3D printers and CNC machines are a big investment, and a weak laser can damage the device and project, and cause additional expenses. Choosing a professional service provider helps to avoid an unfortunate scenario. 

Endurance Lasers is a leading 3D printer and CNC machine lasers company. They offer lasers to upgrade your manufacturing tools and turn them into laser cutting and engraving machines. The team of experts delivers fast setup and customization based on your specific business and production needs. 

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Endurance Lasers can easily cut wood, plywood, acrylic, ABS, PLA, hardboard, cardboard, balsa, MDF, felt, fabric, leather, and other materials. The engraving feature enables you to carve stainless steel, copper, brass, anodized aluminum, glass, acrylic. 

How to choose the right lasers?

After finding the competent service provider, you should decide which type of lasers would fit your requirements. It's essential to define the way printers are being used and which materials you want to cut. 

Later on, when you determine the materials and depths of your work, you can choose between different laser modules. For example:

The Endurance 10 Watt is a simpler module than Watt+. It's a cost-effective solution if you're looking for a professional 3D printer or CNC machine laser. 10 Watt lasers can engrave stainless steel, copper, and brass. The tool cuts 3-5 mm (1/6") wood and plywood with just 1-5 passes, and 8 mm (1/3") dark acrylic with 2-3 passes.

The Endurance 10 Watt+. This module is a bit more expensive, but it distinguishes with clear-cut and fast performance. It can cut and engrave materials, up to 8-10 mm thick, like metal, wood, plywood, and acrylic. This type is recommended if you work with more intricate cuts and product designs.

Endurance Lasers encouraged customers to send pictures of their cutting and engraving work, using this laser technology.

These are some of the winners;

How to Choose the Right Laser for Your 3D Printer?
One of the winners.  Source: Endurance Lasers
How to Choose the Right Laser for Your 3D Printer?
One of the winners.  Source: Endurance Lasers
How to Choose the Right Laser for Your 3D Printer?
One of the winners.  Source: Endurance Lasers

Check out Endurance Lasers' work in progress 

To execute an excellent product design, you need professional equipment. An advanced manufacturing technology such as 3D printing and CNC machining can't ensure the best performance if not used with top-notch lasers. Endurance Lasers are the leading 3D printer and CNC machine laser manufacturer.

The company's experts will help you to find the best tool for your machine and consult you on how to set it up and make it work for more efficient and precise manufacturing. If you wish to learn more about the company or have questions, visit their Facebook community page and check some cool videos on the Endurance robots channel.

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