How to Protect Yourself From Becoming a Victim of Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is a devastating crime that affects thousands. Using a reputable VPN can help you reduce the risks of becoming victim to cyberstalking.
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Created: 8/15/2018

As we use the internet and internet-connected devices more and more regularly, cyberstalking is a crime that every user needs to be aware of. Essentially cyberstalking is when someone uses the internet to stalk, harass, or make repeated threats.

The stalker might be a stranger or someone you know. The term can also apply to people who use the technology to locate and follow their victims.

Although cyberstalking generally starts in the cyber world it can often tip into the physical world. Unfortunately, most cyberstalking victims are female and most perpetrators are men. On many occasions, the victims know their stalkers.

Cyberstalkers range from harassing emails to physical violence

Cyberstalkers harass and follow their victims using a variety of techniques. These include stealing and posting sexual images of the victim or their loved ones, placing a GPS device on the victim’s car to track their movements and threatening the victim, their family and their friends via email.

Cyberbullies can also hack their victim's email or social media accounts and blackmail their victims, threatening to post crude or damaging information or images.

Sometimes cyberstalkers will create blogs or websites that are then used to discredit their victims. While it isn’t clear what motivates cyberstalkers to begin their harassment, there have been many cases of men cyberstalking their former partners due to jealousy and rage issues.

Take steps to reduce your risk of being a victim of cyberstalking 

Since records about cyberstalking have been kept, thousands of women in the US alone has reported instances. These cases range from the irritating constant emails to perpetrators that have enacted physical violence against their victims.

While the responsibility for stopping cyberstalking lies with its perpetrators, potential victims of the crime can take some steps to prevent or reduce the risk of cyberbullying from taking place. The first thing is to educate yourself and listen; take all cases of cyberbullying seriously both your own and those of your friends and colleagues.

Secondly, secure your online presence. Do this through having secure passwords that you change regularly.

A reputable VPN can help secure your identity and location.

Don’t share these passwords with anyone and don’t write them down in an easy to find place. Be careful about what you open; cyberbullying can be very sophisticated, opening unknown files attached to emails may inadvertently give other people access to your computer or device.

One way to protect yourself against the cyberstalking is to use a trusted VPN service. A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to use the internet without sharing your location or identity. Possible cyberstalkers are unable to get your location nor can they use common methods of hacking to break into your network.

PureVPN is taking a stand against cyberbullying. By using a VPN like PureVPN you can protect yourself and your family against possible cyberstalking attacks. Be vigilant when using the internet and take care of yourself and others.

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