How To Sharpen Knives With A Water Stone

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Since ancient times, knives have been important for everyday survival. During the stone age knives made of flint were necessary for several different reasons. In today's world knives are still very important in our lives and we often use them on a daily basis. Taking care of your knives in the correct fashion extends their lifespan and ensures that they are always ready to use. Keeping knives sharpened is essential in order to maximise their usefulness for intended tasks. Knives have also become a popular collectable item. Keeping them in tip-top condition is important to collectors and people who use knives regularly.

Even in ancient times humans knew that keeping knives sharp was important. In moder times of course it still matters. Changes in the materials we use to produce knives and in the way we use them has led to the invention of new and innovative sharpening methods. Sharpening knives is not just a neccesary task undertaken by those who use knives it is also a hobby for many. When enthusiast Peter Nowlan first became interested in knives he tried several different methods. He soon discovered that sharpening with a Japanese Water StoneHow To Sharpen Knives With A Water Stone gave him the results he was looking for.

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How To Sharpen Knives With A Water Stone[Image Source: Pete Nolan]

The video below by KnifePlanet is a beginners guide to using a Japanese Water Stone, and it explains the step by step process of how to sharpen knives using them.

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