Huawei's New OS Will Support All Android Apps

The move to the new operating system should be pretty smooth for all customers.
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Huawei’s Android alternative Operating System will support Android apps. The Chinese smartphone and technology giant has been hit hard in recent weeks by the Trump administration determined to limit its operation in the U.S.


A recent decision by the Republican government introduced a new regulation limiting American companies ability to sell parts to certain Chinese companies. In response, Google, who operates the Android operating system said it would be terminating its contract with Huawei.

Huawei moves on despite U.S struggle

Huawei seems relatively nonplussed by the decision announcing they had been working on their own OS that would replace Android in the future anyway. Questions swirled about how this new OS called HongMeng would support existing Android apps.

According to Huawei Central, the system will be able to accommodate Android developed applications, meaning its customers will have a smooth transition away from Android. The new operating system is expected to be launched between Spring this year and Fall 2020.

Chinese tech companies under fire

The United States is targeting several large Chinese tech firms as part of its escalating trade war with China. The world's largest drone manufacturer, DJI was threatened this week by a report from the Department of Homeland Security that suggested Chinese made drones may be sharing sensitive information with Chinese authors.

DJI wasn’t directly named in the report, but it is clear who the directive was targeting. Hikvision, the world's largest surveillance camera maker was shaken today when reports emerged it too may be placed on an export ban list by the Trump government.

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Trade war continues

However, the Chinese companies are staying calm and say they have backup plans if the tension continues. Hikvision says it can source chips, usually purchased from US companies from local suppliers.

DJI also made moves to protect itself, offering its customers the option to fly drones in a type of Aeroplane’ mode that wouldn’t share data with offshore servers. Huawei who has been the biggest target for Trump says it can deal with the U.S.

The creation of its own OS is just one clever move by the company to stay one step ahead of potentially devastating effects of the ban. There are many unconfirmed details about the operating system but for now, it seems like the system is already being tested in China and that all Android developed apps will be supported. More news to follow.

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