Hydroflex kickstarts lightweight skateboards

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Sometimes new products spring from unlikely things or places. Who would think that a bunch of surfing fanatics would come up with a game changing skateboard deck construction?
Hydroflex Technology, the surfboard manufacturer will be launching a high end skateboard line made of foam and fiber through kickstarter.com October, the 3rd in order to raise the capital needed to set up for serial production.

hydroflex-skateboard-construction-composite-skateboards-5[Image Source: Hydroflex]

The key part of the construction that enables the boards to be strong and durable is the patented 3-dimensional bonding structure which is based on biomimetics principles. In addition, the honey-comb foam core not only looks amazing but also works very well with the 3D bonding structure by connecting both sides of the deck to give the boards superior strength and features. This 3D bonding structure also assists with pop and ensures motion is fully transferred through the deck, making the boards responsive. The result is a board that is light, durable, waterproof and has a lot of pop.

hydroflex-skateboards-technology-composite-skateboards [Image Source: Hydroflex]hydroflex-skateboards-technology-composite-skateboards-2[Image Source: Hydroflex]

“We wanted to go beyond existing limits and bring something totally new to market” Hydroflex CEO Rich Ciesco explains. “a board with a fresh look and outstanding riding characteristics.”
After thoroughly testing the boards, Hydroflex will now launch the kickstarter project with three models: Micro cruiser, mini cruiser & longboard

Hydroflex Technology won several international prizes with its surfboard technology such as the ispo BrandNew Award, the international design prize IF Award and the CONNECT MIP (Most Innovative New Product) award. The company holds four patents.
Kickstarter campaign at http://kck.st/14L4rSA


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