IBM's New Battery Is Free of Heavy Metals, Much Better for Environment

Buckle up, you no longer have to wait for hours for your phone to charge up, thanks to the new IBM battery.
Nursah Ergü

Lithium-ion batteries have been used for a long time, but at the same time they cause a lot of problems; the batteries die quickly, they charge slowly, they may explode, also they're detrimental to the environment. 

International Business Machines Corp (IBM) announced that it has a new battery technology that can charge quickly, has low flammability, and doesn't contain any heavy metals so it's more environment-friendly compared to lithium-ion batteries. 


IBM hasn't revealed yet what the new battery is made of, but it said that the three materials the new battery is made of can be extracted from seawater. Thus the environmental damage and humanitarian cost of mining heavy metals for batteries will be lowered. Also, components from seawater reduce costs so probably it'll be more affordable.

IBM's new battery will have a lot of advantages that lithium-ion batteries don't have, according to IBM, "proved it can be optimized to surpass the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries in a number of individual categories including lower costs, faster charging time, higher power and energy density, strong energy efficiency and low flammability."

On its website, IBM revealed in detail some features of the new battery,

  • Lower cost: The active cathode materials tend to cost less because they are free of cobalt, nickel, and other heavy metals. These materials are typically very resource-intensive to source, and also have raised concerns over their sustainability.
  • Faster charging: Less than five minutes required to reach an 80 percent state of charge (SOC), without compromising specific discharge capacity.
  • High power density: More than 10,000 W/L. (exceeding the power level that lithium-ion battery technology can achieve).
  • High energy density: More than 800 Wh/L, comparable to the state-of-art lithium-ion battery.
  • Excellent energy efficiency: More than 90 percent (calculated from the ratio of the energy to discharge the battery over the energy to charge the battery).
  • Low flammability of electrolytes

Let's just wait and see the conveniences the new battery will bring us.

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