IKEA Gets Into Home Automation With New Collection of Smart Lights

Kathleen Villaluz

At the end of March, Ikea will be launching wireless home interior products starting with smart lights. Currently available in IKEA Sweden and selected European branches, the smart light is capable of doing a number of clever things like setting the mood in a room, adjusting to your lighting needs and providing a personalized environment.


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This new lighting collection is called the Trådfri which translates to ‘wireless’ in Swedish. The collection includes LED light bulbs, a portable dimmer switch, a gateway set, a motion sensor set, and dimming lights. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this smart light technology is that you can control it through an app. Furthermore, a portable dimmer switch that you can use to also control the light settings seems to be one of the focal points of the smart lighting hype.

The selling price of one of these Gateway sets is at 749 SEK (Swedish Krona) which converts to around 68.12£ (GBP).

Some of the features you can control via the app include adjusting the color temperature, misting the lights and setting timing preferences for your lighting wirelessly.

The bulbs have a 25,000 hour rated life, an immediate starting time of 0.5 seconds, and a weighted annual energy consumption (Ec) of 12kWh/1000h which received an A+ energy efficient rating by the European Union Directive.

Moreover, the Swedish furniture company is also launching a line of LED light panels that is attachable to cabinets and other storage units. The Floalt panels and illuminated doors come with motion sensors and remote package.


[Image Source: IKEA]

At the moment, only iOS and Android smartphone apps can tap to Ikea’s smart lighting products according to the Ikea’s product description.

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The lighting race

Having all of these smart features and lighting color schemes, Ikea’s Trådfri seems to be just a little bit behind when compared to the Nanoleaf’s Aurora. With triangular light panels that have a wide range of color schemes, it can be attached to any flat surfaces and it is also controllable through an iOS or Android app. These types of smart lighting with extravagant features came out in Europe last year through the ZigBee Alliance. It consolidates many lighting companies that use the smart light approach such as Philips Hue and even Ikea is on the participant level. This means that the wireless control of the Trådfri is also compatible with ZigBee Light Link.

The prices of these smart lighting packages range in value and so far, Ikea's Trådfri is set an affordable price which is sufficient for one room. The Philip's Hue White starter kit has reduced its price now at 59.99£ and only available online and at selected retails stores.

Trådfri will be available from the 31st of March, 2017 in all Ikea stores worldwide.

So, what is next for Ikea? Maybe a smart light collection with voice commands? Well, they're probably developing that already!

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