Massive Illegal Beach Party Goes Viral Via TikTok, Police Arrests Over 100

Over 2,500 party-goers attended "Adrian's Kickback."
Fabienne Lang

In true Project X style, a massive crowd showed up for a birthday party on Huntington Beach in California after hearing about "Adrian's Kickback" via social media posts.

It went viral, both on TikTok with over 267 million views, and in-person with around 2,500 attendees reported at the beach party that took place on Saturday, May 22, per Buzzfeed. It blew out of control, and the police allegedly arrested some 150 party-goers. What a birthday party! 

However, it looked like mayhem, with many of the TikTok and other social media posts showing videos of people shooting off fireworks, climbing up lifeguard towers, police cars, and lamp posts. There was lots of running through the streets, and dancing. Lots of dancing. That is, until the police showed up around 7 PM local time.

In response to the unlawful assembly, as the Huntington Beach police department (PD) called it on its Twitter account, the police placed an immediate curfew from 11:30 PM local time until 5:30 AM for everyone living in the downtown area. 

The local police was aware of the upcoming party, but most likely wasn't ready for its magnitude. In preparation for the big night, the Huntington Beach PD reminded its Twitter followers of its large gathering beach rules: "No alcohol on the beach. No drugs on the beach. No fireworks. Beach closes at 10 pm."

Given the precarious current world situation surrounding the ongoing pandemic, such big public gatherings haven't been taking place, for fear of spreading the virus.

In countries like the U.K., pilot events have taken place to try and see how large gatherings of tested or vaccinated people spread the virus. For instance, earlier this month, a 5,000-strong pilot music festival took place in the U.K. 

But this was an organized, and monitored space, unlike Huntington Beach's recent affair. 

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Some of the social media posts relating to "Adrian's Kickback" show the sheer magnitude of this past weekend's bash, and it's hard to know whether to feel jealous of such a party or to shake your head and tut in dismay.

 People were calling the party "lit"

Most people didn't even know who "Adrian" was: 

It looks like it got a little out of hand, with references to the movie The Hangover:

Local residents just trying to go about their daily business couldn't drive through the streets near the beach: 

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