An Impressively Luxurious 280 Square Foot Tiny Home

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Tiny homes are becoming a bigger and bigger deal as people are downsizing in order to save money and live like they want to. While the tiny house movement is growing, many don't understand the draw to live minimally, and many people are held back because they feel tiny living means living without luxury. While there are certainly some tiny houses that feel like anything but a home, one Oregon man created his very own 280 sq. ft tiny home and didn't spare any aspect of luxury.

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While the home is still small, it offers up a nice kitchen and a cozy living area. The biggest draw for many to tiny living is the affordability of the house. In the US, the median house price is about $200,000, whereas tiny homes will typically cost the user less than $40k. This means no mortgage and debt free living for those who choose to go this route. Even with al of the benefits, living tiny certainly isn't for everyone.

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A house this size wouldn't work for more than 2 people as there is only one bedroom. Some tiny home enthusiasts live in homes of a similar size but with different layouts even with kids and entire families. While that might get a little cramped at times, many feel the sacrifice is worth it given the money savings.

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Whatever peoples' motivations are for living tiny, this luxurious tiny home sure makes the small space feel like a vacation cottage. The first step to moving into a tiny home is to pair down your belongings and make sure everything you own will fit in the small space. Once you get used to living tiny, you may find yourself starting to like not having as many cleaning responsibilities.

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