In Honor of World Art Day, Take a Penguin-Guided Tour Through Art Museums

Teleport yourself and your family to the best art museums of the world!
Derya Ozdemir
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We might be in quarantine, but the days are passing relentlessly and 'World Art Day' is upon us. It will be some time before you can get in line to see Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum; however, Google Arts & Culture app, which has launched gold-star features such as finding your twin in the painting history, is launching Family Fun with Arts & Culture to provide new ways of learning about art, animals, science, space, and music.

You and your family will be able to meet humanity's first artists through virtual reality, discover what's really inside a black hole, hang out with a dinosaur in virtual reality, and practice Harry Potter magic.

Moreover, Rjiksmusem is far more entertaining when you are following a waddling little penguin around, that's for sure. We can ensure you that you'll be able to see Rembrandt's paintings better than you'd be able to if you were actually there.


First, they were let loose in the aquarium, now they're loose in the art gallery. You can choose your own adventure or let the penguin do the exploring for you. You will follow this most inquisitive royal visitor through numerous places.

Ever wanted to visit Versailles? This royal visitor knows the way.

Google Arts & Culture is packed with numerous activities you can have fun with: you can learn about contemporary art with emojis or grab a piece of paper and make an artwork in the style of their selected paintings

In addition to these, you can also visit 35 cultural institutions including the Atassi Foundation (UAE), Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Palazza Monti (Italy), the Yale Center for British Art (USA) to see more than 100 diverse online exhibitions containing 18,000 new artworks.

You can discover these and more on Google Arts & Culture, or you can download the free app, suitable for both iOS and Android. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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