Check Out These Incredible Images of Disassembled Objects

Kathleen Villaluz

Naturally, things are more appealing when they are nicely put together. There is a sense of soothing comfort when valuables are perfectly assembled in one piece. And when they break, a little piece inside of us breaks too especially when that object possesses sentimental values or hold special memories within them. But scratch off those thoughts from your head because art isn't about being comfortable. Genuine art is thought-provoking, it stirs you up and reaches out to the uncharted territories of your unconscious being. That's exactly what artist Todd McLellan did in his "Things Come Apart" art prints collection. The genius in McLellan's art lies in the fact that even when things have come apart, there is still a sense of beauty that can be found within them. His art prints are those of disassembled objects, where he has painstakingly arranged each and every single component to produce satisfying photos.

Disassembled objects

Pentax Camera

Who knew there were this many parts in a hand-sized compact camera?

Disassmbled old camera neatly arranged

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


Those tiny arms look like the bones of a small animal.

Disassembled typewriter

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]

Flip Clock

I remember this one from the movie Back to the Future when Marty woke up to some "Back in Time groove" by Huey Lewis and the News.

Disassembled old flip clock

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]

Cord Dial Phone

I've broken a few of these when I was a child by fiddling with the dials just because it was fun to do so.

Disassembled wired landline phone

[Image Source: Tom McLellan]

Old Recorder

Straight out of a police interrogation scene from a 90's movie - that's how I remember tape recorders.

Disassembled old record

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]

Wind-Up Clock

How humble is this wind-up clock?

Disassembled wind-up clock

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


Not quite familiar with this one - but nevertheless, it looks cool seeing it disassembled.

Disassembled brownie camera

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


A calculator with an electrical plug? I felt old seeing the typewriter and corded landline phone but maybe I'm not that old as I don't remember seeing calculators powered through an electric plug before.

Disassembled calculator

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


The ratio of the tiny parts to the big parts is just mind blowing, it doesn't seem that way when you're looking at a completely assembled bicycle.

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Disassembled bicycle

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


The saw doesn't look as intimidating as it does when it's put together.

Disassembled chainsaw

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


This is probably the neatest arrangement from all the photos here as the components are repetitive and similar in size.

Disassembleld accordion instrument

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]

Bread Toaster

It didn't strike me as a toaster at all but taking a second closer look reveals the two slots where the slices of bread are inserted.

Disassembled bread toaster

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]

Russian Watch

This was probably the most difficult to disassemble, right? Look how tiny most of the parts are.

Disassembled Russian watch

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]


Or cassette player for those of us who are on the other side of the Atlantic. Personally, this is the most nostalgic of them all as they were the coolest gadget back in the 90s.

Disassembled walkman or cassette player

[Image Source: Todd McLellan]

Todd McLellan is a Canadian artist who grew up to become fond of the hands-on approach as he was raised by a carpenter and an electronic technician. He enjoys creating his visuals in a studio and on location. This art prints collection is meant to put to perspective the consumption of technology in our everyday lives.

We're not quite sure if there was any endeavor in putting these devices back into one piece. All we are certain about is that these disassembled objects are incredible.