India fires a deadly missile into Pakistan. By accident?

Pakistan warned India "to be mindful ... of such negligence."
Loukia Papadopoulos
Indian Missiles being brought on display.eROMAZe/iStock

Accidents happen and usually, they are no big deal, but what if a missile was fired by mistake?

According to Reuters, India revealed on Friday that it had accidentally fired a missile into Pakistan this week due to a "technical malfunction" during routine maintenance, explaining what had happened after Pakistan called upon India's charge d'affaires to protest.

The incident is bound to make already tense relations even worse between the two nations which have fought three wars so far.

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A serious accident 

"On 9 March 2022, in the course of a routine maintenance, a technical malfunction led to the accidental firing of a missile," the Indian Ministry of Defence said in a statement.

"It is learnt that the missile landed in an area of Pakistan. While the incident is deeply regrettable, it is also a matter of relief that there has been no loss of life due to the accident."

Pakistan responded by warning India "to be mindful of the unpleasant consequences of such negligence and take effective measures to avoid the recurrence of such violations in future."

Taking a closer look

Pakistani officials further revealed that the unarmed missile had landed near the country's eastern city of Mian Channu, about 500 km (310 miles) from the capital Islamabad. A senior Pakistani security official told Reuters that the weapon was possibly a BrahMos missile jointly engineered by Russia and India.

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He added that the accident had raised suspicions about the safety of India's military operations.

"The admission that it was a missile was very nonchalant," he explained. "What does this say about their safety mechanisms and the technical prowess of very dangerous weapons? The international community needs to have a very close look at this."

Luckily, this time around the situation did not escalate into a clash that could end up quite deadly as both nations have nuclear arms.