Industrial Engineering Salaries Worldwide

Industrial engineering jobs often attract those who were born to utilize their hands-on skills as well as their abilities to improve processes and help create innovative products and solutions.
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Industrial Engineering is one of the engineering career paths that attract thousands of students from all over the world. It promises not only knowledge acquisition but also hands-on techniques and practical processes that students can use in actual settings. Industrial engineering students learn about product manufacturing, designs, production of goods, and even business processes among others.

By learning and applying process and project management best practices, as well as development theories, and other lean systems and processes, a graduate in industrial engineering can land a great paying job as a professional industrial engineer.


How much money can an industrial engineer make per year?

Any profession in the engineering industry is promising in general. In other words, industrial engineering is a promising career with a promising salary.

To prove that, here’s a list of 20 countries that pay their engineers well.

  1. Switzerland – industrial engineering jobs in Switzerland pay an average salary of 97,201 CHF per annum. The lowest salary is at 39,852 CHF and the highest is at 149,689 CHF.
  2. USA – the USA is one of the highest paying countries in the industrial engineering industry. The average salary per annum is at $72,925, while the lowest is at $18,000. The highest salary is at $133,500.
  3. Denmark Denmark offers its industrial engineers an average salary of $62,019 per annum. The lowest it can offer is $50,000 and the highest is $77,000.
  4. U.K. – the UK pays an average salary of £33,494 per annum. The lowest pay is at £24,000 and the highest is at £43,000.
  5. United Arab Emirates – industrial engineering salary in the UAE is at AED 114,648 per annum’s average, while the lowest is around AED 30,000. The highest can be expected to be around AED 352,000.
  6. Australia – the average industrial engineering salary in Australia is at AU$71,300 per annum. The lowest is at AU$38,000 and the highest is at AU$100,000.
  7. Sweden – an industrial engineer in Sweden can make 501,352 SEK on average per annum. Lowest salary is at 205,554 SEK and the highest is at 772,082 SEK.
  8. Qatar – on average, an industrial engineer in Qatar earns 174,972 QAR per annum.
  9. Germany – the average salary of industrial engineers in Germany is at €45,271 per annum. Lowest salary is at €34,000 and highest is at €66,000.
  10. Norway – industrial engineering jobs in Norway pays an average salary of 562,742 NOK per annum. Its lowest offer is at 230,724 NOK and its highest is at 866,623 NOK.
  11. China China offers an average salary of 316,159 CNY per annum. The lowest salary is around 129,625 CNY and the highest at 486,884 CNY.
  12. South Korea – industrial engineers earn an average of 48,009,275 KRW per annum in South Korea.
  13. Brazil – the average salary per annum for industrial engineering jobs in Brazil is at R$114,000 and the lowest is expected at R$63,000, while the highest is around R$168,000.
  14. Taiwan the country’s average salary offer is at 1,001,681 TWD per annum. Its lowest offer is at 410,689 TWD and its highest is at 1,542,588 TWD.
  15. Canada – the average salary of industrial engineers in Canada is at C$59,726 per annum. Its lowest salary offer is at C$48,000 and its highest is at C$80,000.
  16. France – industrial engineers working in France can expect an average salary of 52,693 EUR per annum. The lowest salary is at 21,604 EUR and the highest is at 81,147 EUR.
  17. Japan the country offers an average salary of 4,512,500円 per annum. Its lowest offer is at 11,072,000円 and its highest is at 7,030,000円.
  18. Colombia – the average salary is at COP 19,533,406 per annum. The lowest salary is at COP 653,000 and the highest is at COP 118,000,000 in Colombia.
  19. Netherlands – industrial engineering salary in the Netherlands is at €40,740 average per annum. The lowest is at €31,000 and the highest is at €73,000.
  20. India – the average offer in India is at Rs 393,452 per annum. The lowest offer is at Rs 195,000 and the highest offer is at Rs 971,000.

These are the 20 countries that pay industrial engineers well. If there are countries that pay well for industrial engineering jobs, there are also those that pay low. One of these countries is the Philippines, which pays its industrial engineers an average of PHP 232,699 per annum. Lowest is at PHP 15,000 and the highest is at PHP 474,000.

The economy of each country is one contributing factor to how much industrial engineering salary one gets, or any other profession, in general. Another factor is the cost of living. If the cost of living is low, then a salary considered to be low for others may be high enough for everyone living in that particular country. How much is paid to an industrial engineer also depends on what types of work he/she handles and skills he/she can bring to the table.

Which engineer gets paid the most money?

Petroleum engineers are always top of the list when it comes to the highest salary. They are paid an entry-level salary of $74,240 in the U.S. and once they’ve had experiences and have reached the middle of their career, they can demand an average salary of $132,320. On the high and experienced side, they can raise their rates up to $186,520.

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It is the job of a petroleum engineer to discover where oil and gas are located. Once they do, they then work to get that oil and gas and turn those into usable and/or reusable energies. But in order to accomplish the goal of extracting oil & gas, they must design and build the right equipment or devices. They will need to test those devices once they are built. Then, when the devices are ready, the process of extractions begin.

How promising is the engineering industry?

Students who have doubts about whether or not the engineering industry is right for them should take a look at some of the best engineers who made it big in their professions. 

  1. Kenneth Stanley “Bud” Adams, Jr. – he founded the Tennessee Titans, owned Nashville Kats, and was also one of the owners of Houston Mavericks. He made his fortune in the petroleum business and was the Chairman and CEO of Adams Resources & Energy, Inc., plus several other automobile franchises.
  2. Michael L. Eskew – he received his industrial engineering degree at Purdue University. He was chairman and CEO of UPS for five years and he was a board member of companies 3M and IBM.
  3. Henry Ford – he’s famous for the Ford brand automobiles. He founded Ford Motor Company that is still in operation today.

Observe how they did it and follow through. The above three people's life stories have been published and read many times.

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