Your Inner Child Deserves These 8 Awesome RC Replica Industrial Vehicles

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Have you ever want to own RC replica industrial vehicles? Yeah, we know you have. Some people prefer RC planes, cars or boats, but they're frankly rubbish compared to these bad boys. They can fly, drive and speed very quickly, but can they dig stuff up or carry things? No, we rest our case. Both kids and adults can have an awesome experience operating small scale machinery that normally requires years of training to master in the real world.

Prices range massively, as you'd expect, but often it's better to go for quality rather than quantity. So, without further ado, here are eight awesome RC replica industrial vehicles you can own. Happy days!

1. Top Machine RC Excavator - Buy Now

This fantastically detailed and realistic RC excavator comes from Toy Machine and is frankly awesome. This beauty has a 15 channel control, 680-degree (yes we know, it's in their sales spiel) rotation and operates on a 2.4 GHz signal. According to the sales material, the bucket is very strong and it can move with a vivid mechanical sound effect for an immersive digging experience. It also has, apparently, a hydraulic cylinder simulator that allows the machine to make a more realistic and stable excavation process.

It is made out of high-quality materials and is very detailed indeed. Why not use this machine for indoor and outdoor uses in sandboxes or for moving small stones. An invaluable extra bit of muscle when pottering around the garden, perhaps. This entry on our list of replica industrial vehicles comes with a high-capacity rechargeable battery that gives you the peace of mind to know you'll always have enough juice when you want to take it for a spin.

2. RC Caterpillar Mining Dump Truck - Buy Now

Oh come on, this is amazing. All parts of this machine can be individually operated by the 2.4 GHz speed control. The model is a 1/24 scale replica that is professionally painted. Get ready to get out there and move and dump stuff for no particular reason with this heavy duty RC dump truck.

It features multi-functional digital proportional radio and speed control to provide forward and reverse motion and steering. A 4.8V 800mAh rechargeable battery and 9V 200mA 1.8 VA charger are included as well as 2 channel transmitter. It does require 6 AA batteries.

Your Inner Child Deserves These 8 Awesome RC Replica Industrial Vehicles

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3. ERTL Big Boy Farm Tractor - Buy Now

These bad boys have made an entire series of replica RC farm equipment, lucky us. This John Deere replica is frankly awesome. It is a high-quality plastic model and comes complete with rubber tires for indoor and outdoor play. The model itself looks great and comes in 1/16 scale. It has fully functional steering controls as well as forward and reverse motion.

The model comes with lights and sounds for a fully immersive experience. What is even better is the attention to detail the model provides, which is much higher than you'd normally expect. The model is beautiful and high quality in construction.

Your Inner Child Deserves These 8 Awesome RC Replica Industrial Vehicles

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4. Realistic Caterpillar Wheel Loader - Buy Now

Oh yes. Add this little monster to your mini construction RC machine collection. These incredibly realistic Caterpillar wheel loaders are fantastic for mocking up digger/mining recreations. Perfect for adults and children alike, this remotely controlled loader will provide hours of uninterrupted pleasure.

This entry on our list of replica industrial vehicles provides highly realistic operations just like their real big brothers. Their bucket, cab, and wheels are all made of hard metal with rubber tires. Sweet.

5. CAT RC Skid Steer - Buy Now

Ah, it looks so cute and tiny. This CAT replica Skid Steer is a 1/12 scale RC model of the real thing. This multi-function electric powered construction machine is a must have for any RC model collector. The RC model has a working light and nice weathered finish. This RC model comes with a battery charger and a fully functional operating power arm.

6. CAT RC Wheel Log Loader

Yes, we know what you're thinking, my collection is missing a realistic RC replica Wheel Log Loader. As always, we've got you covered. This great little RC model comes with 2.4 GHz speed control, forward and reverse action and is a 1/14 scale model. The model comes with left and right steering, which is useful, working headlights and rear lights.

With a 4.8V 800 mAh rechargeable battery included as well as 9V 200 mA 1,8 VA charger you'll have hours of fun playing with your new construction vehicle. For educational purposes of course. It does require 6 AA batteries that aren't included, sadly. But you do get some plastic logs to lift and move around.

Your Inner Child Deserves These 8 Awesome RC Replica Industrial Vehicles

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7. Very realistic RC forklift - Buy Now

Beautiful, simply beautiful. If you want an ultra realistic industrial toy, look no further than the Ninco 120 RC forklift. It even comes with a lifting pallet for your fork lifting pleasure. It comes in a 1/20 scale and has full hand controls for maneuvering and lifting. You even get some little traffic cones to setup your own operating area.

There is a fantastic level of detail on the model and it closely resembles the Toyota forklifts common to warehouses around the world. The tires let the RC forklift some slight off-road capabilities but its primary use is on level surfaces like concrete. Now all you need is a small warehouse to take it for a spin.

Your Inner Child Deserves These 8 Awesome RC Replica Industrial Vehicles

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8. RC Crane - Buy Now

Oh hello! No construction RC collection would be complete without some form of a crane. The Hobby Engine Premium Label Crawler Crane 2.4 GHz 1:12 RTR RC Construction Vehicle is a perfect example. The antenna is hidden within the crawler for additional realism. It has a fully digital proportional control and a working platform that has a full 360-degree rotation. The boom can be raised by up to around 20 degrees and the chassis has individual track control for great maneuverability. This one can work on rough terrain as well as flat surfaces. 

Your Inner Child Deserves These 8 Awesome RC Replica Industrial Vehicles

[Image Source: HobbyTron]

So there you go. Have we tempted you to release your inner child? Perhaps we've given you some ideas for Christmas (yes we know it's ages away, but you can never be too prepared). Do you have any suggestions for great RC replica industrial vehicles?

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