Nest: The Innovative Compact Fibreglass Caravan

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Airstream-Nest-Camper-Trailer-1[Image Source: Airstream]

Nest, the compact, innovative fibreglass caravan created and designed by Airstream, an American Icon, is coming this summer.

The company recently acquired Oregon-based Nest Caravans last month and now has plans to produce its own aerodynamic, fibreglass, 16-foot-long travel trailers. They plan on hiring another 50 workers to meet the anticipated demand for the new Nest trailer. Currently, the company creates 72 trailers a week with 670 employees – which is anticipated to rise with their new USD $3 million dollar plan to add a new line of production.

The new trailers are stylish, but will be light enough to be towed by SUV's, crossovers, or even small trucks. The trailer is easily maneuvered and is incredibly aerodynamic to prevent fuel costs from being jacking up.

“We’ve been imagining a small, well-thought-out fibreglass travel trailer for quite some time and are very confident about its potential,”

says Airstream president Bob Wheeler.

“Nest is a product that conveys sophistication, simplicity, and upscale modernity, so it made sense for us to partner and help bring this design to market.”

The compact trailers include a large storage box out front,  all-LED exterior lighting, stabilization jacks, steel appliances including stove and sink, as well as frameless windows – all of which are designed with the high degree of sophistication Airstream is renowned for. The trailer has additional options including convertible dinette, cork tiles, a microwave, and of course, an entertainment system. The 16-foot trailers also come with tanks to carry up to 20 gallons of potable water.

nest camper[Image Source: Airstream]

You by no means would be roughing it in this neat little trailer, but it could provide a luxurious getaway for a romantic honeymoon or a tour of the countryside. Airstream plans to release the trailer this summer in the Dayton area, but has future plans to move production to a larger area as the demand for trailers goes up.

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