Innovative GripRock Makes Splitting Wood Easier Than Ever!

Trevor English

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For many around the world, burning wood is their only source of heat for cooking and warming their houses. The chore of chopping wood has traditionally been incredibly labor intensive, and the cause of many backaches over the years. Last year, we brought you news about one of the most innovative wood chopping tools, the LeverAxe, and they have brought another useful gadget into the wood chopping realm, the GripRock. The GripRock allows you to chop wood easily with your LeverAxe and all of the pieces stay contained and at hand height, so no more bending over picking up wood! Check out the video below to learn a little more about the GripRock.

Many tools like this not only cost an arm and a leg, but you have to go to your local hardware store to buy them. Not the GripRock. The GripRock costs only US$99 and it can be shipped right to your door. The key components of this wood chopping tool are the concrete base and the flex tire design to hold all of the chopped wood. The flex tire holds in all of the pieces, so you don't have to reposition on every swing of the axe, just keep chopping! The concrete base, on the other hand, keeps everything firmly on the ground and provides the perfect elevated platform for chopping.

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If you have never chopped wood before, you probably don't know how great of a tool both the LeverAxe and the GripRock have the potential to be. The LeverAxe utilizes a specially designed head that incorporates lever action into each and every swing. Instead of getting the head stuck in the wood over and over again, the LeverAxe digs into the wood or log and pries it apart. Using the GripRock will eliminate strain on your back, and drastically increase the efficiency of splitting wood.

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griprock[Image Source: LeverAxe]

If you are wanting to get your hands on these tools, you can check out the LeverAxe website here. However, if you don't want to spend the money, LeverAxe and Interesting Engineering is doing a giveaway through this post. All you have to do to be entered is share this article, and a winner will be selected at random to win a FREE LeverAxe and GripRock combo deal.

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GIVEAWAY: SHARE this post to be entered to WIN a GripRock and LeverAxe combo package!

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