Innovative 'Sleep Bus' Allows You to Wake Up in a New City

Trevor English

You've heard of the hyperloop, but do you know about the Sleep Bus? One man is hoping to revolutionize transportation by offering a large bus stacked with beds that you can take a nap in and arrive at your destination when you wake up. The other perk? It only costs US$48. This transportation service currently runs from San Fransisco to Los Angeles, California, and it is similar to how a chartered bus service works. LA to San Fransisco is currently a six-hour drive, travelers would normally fly, by why spend several hundred dollars when you can catch up on sleep and travel at the same time? The interior looks nice as well, check it out below.

SLEEP BUS interior[Image Source: Sleep Bus]

The Sleep Bus obviously isn't for everyone, but for the budget traveler, it makes perfect sense, according to Tech Insider. Each passenger gets a bed, a privacy sheet, and wireless internet for the full 6-hour ride. If you drank a little too much water, there is also an onboard bathroom so you don't have to hold it. For a ticket under 50 dollars and without the hassle of airline travel, this bus seems like the way to go. Also, if you don't want to wake up right when you arrive at the destination, you don't have to! Most trips arrive at 6am, but passengers are allowed to sleep until 9am if they wish.

outside of sleep bus[Image Source: Sleep Bus]

More and more innovative travel solutions are starting to pop up as people become frustrated with expensive prices and long lines in the airline industry. Between the hyperloop, the Sleep Bus, or some other new form of transportation, there will be many choices in the future when it comes to getting from point A to point B.

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