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If there are two things that electronic engineers enjoy, it’s technology and beer! This project here is the best of both worlds. Featuring a 32x12 LED grid, twenty RGB cup detecting pods, two automatic ball washers, VU meter mode and a wireless interface, this beer pong table has it all!

beerpong1[Image Source: Instructables]

The table is completely water/beer proof thanks to the 2’x8’ Lexan sheet protecting the electronics on the table and it even has four cup holders that have been outfitted with LED rings on each side of the table.  This table is able detect when a cup is removed from the table and correlate it with an animation on the LED grid (or any of the other features for that matter) or a user can control it from a nearby computer and draw whatever they can fit into the 32x12 LED grid.

beeropong4 beerpong3[Image Source: Instructables]

If a ping pong ball falls on the floor and needs to be cleaned, no worries, it can just be dropped into the automatic ball washer where it will be pumped from one side of the table to the other with water and then blown up to the surface of the table to be grabbed by the player. If you don't want to use any of those features, you can just simply display animations across the LED grid, RGB pods and LED rings as you play!

beeropong2[Image Source: Instructables]

What’s the best part of this project though? This part, where I tell you that all of the plans have been posted online in a step-by-step format so that others can build their own and further develop it if they wish! Check out the build for yourself here.

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