Here are some of the best internet reactions to Elon Musk buying Twitter

There is a mix of excitement and fear and lots of memes.
Loukia Papadopoulos
Elon Musk entering Twitter headquarters.jpg
Elon Musk entering Twitter headquarters

Elon Musk/ Twitter 

After much back and forth and a lawsuit, four days ago, Elon Musk completed his $44 billion takeover of the social media platform Twitter.

Musk had put the deal on hold after his initial offer earlier this year. Later he backed out, citing a high number of fake or spam accounts on the platform, a point that then-CEO Aggarwal had publicly denied.

Musk was then taken to court by Twitter's lawyers. The court had given the two parties time till the month's end to work out a deal.

As soon as Musk acquired Twitter, he proceeded to fire CEO Parag Aggarwal, finance executive Ned Segal, and legal and policy executive Vijaya Gadde.

Now that Twitter finally belongs to Musk, the internet has much to say. We picked a few of the best posts to share with you.

Humor and more

Satirical newspaper the Onion and Twitter user Watcher.Guru both made fun of Musk’s abrupt hiring decisions.

Some compared him to Marvel Universe villain Thanos.

Others speculated about which accounts he might add back onto the social media platform.

Some made fun of Musk’s many claims that he would not buy Twitter.

Others made up a new rewards system.

It wasn’t all bad. Many had praise for Musk’s recent letter about the purchase.

Memes were popular amongst the internet’s reactions.

Some claimed Musk freed Twitter.

Others saw a bright future for the social media platform.

There were many illustrations.

There was even a nice history outline of Musk’s career.

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