The Internet Is Going Crazy Trying to Solve the Mystery of This Melted Duck Photo

Kathleen Villaluz

A melted plastic duck photo on a Honda dashboard has been stirring up the Japanese Twitter traffic for days now. The original tweet says "This is the worst, I can't believe it" with two side-by-side photos showing a plastic duck before and after it has melted. While the first question that might prompt you is "did the plastic duck really melt?", a lot of people in Japan chose to dispute the legitimacy of the dashboard instead.

Plastic duck made famous by dedicated social media dwellers

It's been said multiple times on social media that it was "hot in Japan". But really, did it get THAT hot for this plastic duck to melt into a sad-looking blob of goo? Well, one thing is for sure, social media is the hottest place you go to for a heated conversation about a plastic duck. Seriously though, how much time do people have on their hands? At the time of writing, the original tweet has garnered over 650,000 retweets and more than 300,000 comments. With many of the responses providing hand-drawn "proofs" to back up the authenticity of the original photos.

However, there is one photographic anomaly that completely throws off the genuineness of the melting duck claim. The dashboard where the unmelted duck sat is totally different from where the blob of goo was pictured. And since the internet is home to extremely opinionated users, they even went an extra stretch to mark up the original photo to exhibit the differences. Very much like those "spot the difference" puzzles you get at the back of newspapers. In this case, the difference on the dashboard of the two photos is blatantly obvious.

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If marking the photos up or hand-sketching the geometry of the radio wasn't enough, you can also behold the wonder of this 3D-rendered work. And here I am wondering if the "very hot" temperature could actually melt the duck or not. I guess (if) once the whole dashboard anomaly has been cleared, then this melting issue might arise.

We couldn't help but notice one comment though, which encourages the thousands of people who took to Twitter to dispute the melting duck photos to divert their attention to a more relevant, global issue.

It was confirmed by others that the car where the whole viral tweet began is a Honda. At this point, I just want to know if the duck's melted fate was really due to the extreme heat inside the car. It's understandable that by proving the legitimacy of the dashboard would lead to knowing if the photos are actually genuine. And from there people can further escalate the matter by disputing the melting phenomenon. But honestly, what is the point? Then it dawns on me that this is the internet, the place where people got fired up because they couldn't agree on whether a mysterious dress was white and gold or blue and black.