Iran Is Now Home to the World's Largest Bookstore

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The recent opening of the Tehran Book Garden makes Iran the owner of the world's largest bookstore and oasis. The completion of this unique project in the country signifies the dynamic cultural evolution that is taking place in Iran with the intention to keep its heritage alive through literature and arts.

Tehran Book garden render

[Image Source: Ali Nabi via Archinet]

With Iran's notorious reputation for literary censorship, the construction and opening of the Tehran Book Garden symbolize a beacon in the evolving cultural dynamics of the Islamic Republic. Golnar Motevalli, a Bloomberg reporter, explains what the Tehran Book Garden means to Iran in this modern age of literary freedom.


Iran Is Now Home to the World's Largest Bookstore

[Image Source: Kayson Inc.]


"Iranians are very, very proud of their literary tradition, and that transcends the revolution. You know, there are restrictions on what can be written here compared to somewhere like the United Kingdom. But I don't think that the appetite for reading has been affected in any way. And the fact that they've built this giant bookshop is a testament to that".

Tehran Book Garden in Iran

[Image Source: Ali Nabi via Archinet]

Tehran's book garden oasis

According to Kayson Inc, Tehran Book Garden's builder, the massive learning complex will be home to various creative artists that would keep the Iranian heritage alive.

"The vast and densely populated Tehran metropolis, with its great cultural heritage, desperately needs a big and permanent center that would provide a meeting ground for publishers, writers, artists and all those who endeavor to preserve, develop, promote, and disseminate the great culture of the Iranian people".

Iran Is Now Home to the World's Largest Bookstore

[Image Source: Kayson Inc.]

The Tehran Book Garden complex is composed of four different blocks with a gross floor area of 60,000 square meters and a total landscape area of 75,000 square meters. The Book Garden's Northern blocks are designed for exhibition use and the central belt of the complex houses various social spaces such as restaurants, an auditorium, temporary exhibition, as well as offices and parking areas. And, of course, to serve its main purpose, the book garden has been designed to accommodate 16 permanent book exhibition areas divided according to literary genres. It also includes bookstores, galleries, lounges, and other reading spaces. The administrative office spaces and service utilities of the complex are hidden underneath artificial mounds with lawn cladding. These mounds serve as an access route towards the complex's roof garden.

Located at the Abbas Abad Lands, this Tehran oasis is also home to a mosque plus the Sacred Defence Garden Museum, and the National Library and Archives of Iran.

Tehran Book Garden

[Image Source: Ali Nabi via Archinet]

The Tehran Book Garden is not just a cultural symbol for the people of Iran. It also promotes sustainability through its intricate architecture and advanced use of construction technologies.

Iran Is Now Home to the World's Largest Bookstore

[Image Source: Kayson Inc.]

"The architectural concept has been to unify the building with its surrounding landscape creating a 'garden' having an environmental attitude toward design in mind while paying attribute to the title of the building", said Tehran Book Garden's architect Ali Nabi.

Sources: Archinet, Kayson Inc.

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