Israeli Company Designs Two Flying Car Models

The bad news is that the upcoming designs will likely hit the market around the end of the decade.
Deniz Yildiran

Let's put the never-ending EV madness aside and focus on a whole new type of car now. These are not what we're used to, bowing down before the gravity. Maybe a bit closer to the ones in The Jetsons. Yes, you guessed it: the flying cars are on their way. 

An Israeli company, Urban Aeronautics's CEO Rafi Yoeli has recently mentioned a dream come true, per The Jerusalem Post.

Two models ahead

The prototype of a flying car will be used for both military and civilian purposes when it is launched. However, no certain date has been announced yet. The company eagerly plans to make a big sensation by working on not just one but two models: the CityHawk and the Falcon XP. 


The genius behind the futuristic automobile had presented the cars with hydrogen fuel cells. Reportedly, hydrogen has a power density 60 times more powerful than regular car batteries. As a plus, hydrogen-powered engines release water vapor instead of carbon. And that, might be another possible reason to choose the flying ones over the regular cars for "go-greeners" in the future. 

Israeli Company Designs Two Flying Car Models
Source: Urban Aeronautics

The prototype comes along with an electrical Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) feature that is also used by some specific types of planes and helicopters. Unlike the conventional aircraft having propellers on both sides, the flying car uses fan craft technology with two propellers placed in its fuselage.  

No price is set

“Some people make a plane with folding wings and say: ‘Look! A flying car!’” Yoeli told The Jerusalem Post. “But, in my mind, it has to look like a car and carry four to five people to be worthy of its name.”

No price is also set for the new aviation vehicle. However, it might be a little bit more than a regular top model car, as it will be an innovative attempt and obviously different than what has been in the market so far.

Back in July, Yoeli told ISRAEL21c that one of the flying models, CityHawk, would be most likely used for an expected purpose. No, it wouldn't be carrying an official to an urgent meeting. But something for the good of the public like emergency services.

“You can bring a doctor directly to a patient or rescue a patient. Helicopters today often must land a kilometer a way, then the medical team runs through the streets. A lot of time is lost.” Yoeli explained.

Now that another innovation joins the heated automobile race, let's see if this futuristic type overtakes the new generation EVs in the future

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