Italian Physicist Heavily Criticized for His Comments on Women in Fundamental Physics

A physicist made some controversial comments on women in fundamental physics that led to some heavy backlash.
Nursah Ergü

In the 21st century still, women aren't represented enough and they're not given chances to become successful in sciences and on top of that, they're being accused by men with not studying enough or not being smart enough. 

Another day, same old story. An Italian physicist, Alessandro Strumia published an article in which he discusses gender issues in fundamental physics and criticizes women. 

"Quantitative Science Studies" published a controversial paper that claims while men are inherently better and more successful in physics, and he says that women don't face more obstacles when getting tenure than their men counterparts, in the conclusion.

Marie Curie, physicist, Source: Henri Manuel/Wikimedia Commons

He finished the conclusion by saying "The interpretation in terms of different variabilities implies that we should keep giving gender-neutral equal opportunities to everybody by
considering each person based on his/her individual qualities, not a member of a demographic group (gender, nationality or whatever)."


In his study, Strumia exemplifies 1.3 million scientific papers, written from 1970 to now all around the world. It's mentioned that among the 71104 authors in fundamental physics, 49860 were male and 9205 were female. However; even if males are more prominent in physics, he claims that women have no hard time during hiring, even, they're hired faster than men.

Thus, to conclude, he suggests that men and women have equal opportunities in fundamental physics, and there's no discrimination or obstacles against women in workplaces.

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QSS said on Twitter that they'll invite experts to write commentaries on the relevant paper.

Cern Building, Source: xenotar/iStock

Also, last year, at Cern, he was suspended after a presentation in which he said that physics was "invented and built by men, it's not by invitation."

He received a lot of negative reactions from the media and the environment. And what do you think? Does he deserve the criticism or not?

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