Italian Police Delivers Donor Kidney 300 Miles Away in Two Hours with Lamborghini

It doesn't get much more Italian than this.
Fabienne Lang
The Police's Lamborghini transporting a transplant kidneyItalian State Police/Twitter

The Italian State Police delivered a donor kidney using its Lamborghini Huracan on November 5. Driving from Rome to Padua, the usually-six-hour-long trip took just two hours as the Lamborghini sped at an average speed of 145 mph (233 km/h)

The Italian State Police posted a video on their Twitter account, explaining their feat. 

The Lamborghini Huracan was bought by the police back in 2017 and was outfitted for such tasks. For instance, it has a refrigerated trunk and a defibrillator.


When it's not busy delivering donor kidneys, the force's vehicle is used as a regular patrol vehicle, reports Jalopnik. It's kitted out with lights, a police computer, and other standard equipment to carry out traffic stops and arrests. Although it's uncertain where an arrested person would sit in the Lamborghini...

It's certainly not a sight seen everyday, a speeding Lamborghini with flashing blue lights and screaming speakers zooming down a highway with the words "Polizia" blurring past. But Italy has always had its own marvelous flair. 

In its Twitter post, the Police thanked the Ministry of Health, the National Transplant Center, and naturally, Lamborghini. 

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The journey started in Rome and ended at the Gemelli University Hospital in Padua, which is 303 miles (489 kilometers) north of the capital, as The Drive reports. The average speed the Lamborghini was driving at was 145 mph (233 km/h), and the entire journey was completed in roughly two hours

No word as to why a helicopter wasn't used — quite a regular mode of transport for donor organs — or even a drone. But hopefully, the transplant patient will hear of this story so they know how their new kidney was brought to them.

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