ChatGPT ban: Italian regulator sets April 30 deadline to meet conditions

OpenAI has till April 30 to meet the demands and resume services in the country.
Ameya Paleja
ChatGPT is currently banned in Italy.
ChatGPT is currently banned in Italy.


Italian privacy regulator, Garante, has provided OpenAI with its list of demands that need to be met before the company can resume operations in the country. ChatGPT, the conversational chatbot is banned in Italy since March 31st, Reuters reported.

Last month, Italy became the first Western country to ban the use of ChatGPT citing privacy concerns. Following the ban, the use of the conversational chatbot has been temporarily restricted and an investigation was launched into the suspected breach of Italian privacy rules.

Conditions to lift the ban

A fortnight later, Garante has laid down some concrete steps that OpenAI can take to reverse the ban. The regulator wants the company to inform users in Italy of "the methods and logic" behind the processing of the data that is necessary for ChatGPT to operate.

Additionally, the company also needs to provide tools that will allow people whose data has been used to facilitate the correction of personal data. This tool must also extend to people who are not using ChatGPT and allow for the deletion of data if a correction is not possible.

ChatGPT ban: Italian regulator sets April 30 deadline to meet conditions
Garante wants OpenAI to address privacy concerns at the earliest

For non-users, the regulator has asked OpenAI to allow the opposition to the processing of personal data being used to run ChatGPT's algorithms. This, the regulator added, needs to be made in a "simple and accessible manner".

Garante also added that it continues to probe the breach of data protection rules by OpenAI and still reserves the right to impose additional restrictions or measures as needed as per its ongoing probe.

The regulator has also given OpenAI a deadline of April 30 to implement these changes. It has, however, given it an extension until September to implement a system that can verify the age of users and deny access to those users below the age of 13.

Interestingly, ChatGPT is not the first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot that the Italian regulator has banned. In February, Garante banned another AI chatbot company Replika from using the personal data of users in Italy over risks to minors and people who are emotionally fragile.

The Italian regulator's bans have opened up the possibility of other countries imposing similar restrictions on AI chatbot services in the near future. AI experts have raised concerns about the impact of technology on people, jobs, and national security.

Stuart Russell, a noted AI researcher at the University of Berkeley, has called for reasonable guidelines to be imposed on the release of new AI products failing which a "Chernobyl-like" incident for the tech industry could not be ruled out.

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