Japan Airlines Video Shows What Can Go Wrong if You Don't Follow Safety Instructions

Japan Airlines shows you what happens if you don't follow safety requirements in flight in a video.
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What could go wrong on a flight Japan Airlines

Anyone who has ever taken a commercial airline before knows safety is of the utmost importance. The last thing you want to do is bump your head because you aren't strapped in during turbulence or get hit with flying luggage that wasn't stored properly. 

The good news: Japan airlines is here to help. In a YouTube video, the airline operator walks you through the safety rules from when you board the flight to when you dismount. 


Take the placement of the baggage for starters. You shouldn't place it in the aisle or any place it won't be stored properly. Japan Airlines also encourages passengers to keep their seatbelt buckled to avoid any movement during turbulence. Just like other airlines, Japan Airlines prohibits smoking and the use of any electronic devices that emit radio waves. That means your iPhone or Android device has to be shut off or set to airplane mode. 

If the oxygen appears, Japan Airlines urges you to use it 

If the unimaginable happens and there is an emergency while on a flight and an oxygen mask appears, use it. In the event the plane will crash, the airline urges passengers to take a protective brace position and find a life vest located under or aside the seat. When exiting the aircraft pull the tab to inflate the life vest. If that doesn't work blow on the tube to inflate the floating device. 

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It's a joint effort 

During the evacuation, it's natural to want to grab your laptop, smartphone or carry-on bag, but don't do it. Getting off the airline safely should be the only focus. Not to mention carrying baggage will block the aisle making it harder to get out.  That baggage and even high heels could damage the slide. Keep your arms stretched forward when sliding down with your eyes focused on the landing point. Passengers will be asked to help others slide down and get as far away from the airline as possible.

Follow all those tips and you'll know what to do in the event there is turbulence or worse a crash on your next flight.  

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