Jungle Luxury: DIY Underground Pool Made With Basic Tools

The time-lapse video documents the invention of jungle luxury: a DIY underground pool.
Chris Young

A renowned YouTuber called Mr. Tfue is carving slices out of paradise in the middle of the jungle.

His claim to fame came from filming himself building pools and small houses in remote and beautiful settings. Since he began, he's gained an impressive following.

His latest project — an underground water slide and pool — is a DIY rush to watch.


Plans for 'underground city'

The underground "tunnel water slide park," was carved into the dry mud of a jungle near a small village in an unidentified country in South America, according to Mr. Tfue's YouTube profile.

Mr. Tfue Digging Waterslide
Mr. Tfue digging an underground water slide. Source: Mr. Tfue / YouTube

Mr. Tfue has claimed that he would love for this project to extend into an entire "underground city." Along with his colleagues, he has previously built other impressive creations, like an underground jungle pool.

Mr. Tfue Digging Underground
Mr. Tfue digging around his underground water slide. Source: Mr. Tfue / YouTube

This engineering superstar team is not the only one to make waves in the jungle — in 2018, we reported an impressive swimming pool video from the group Primitive Survival Tool.

Jungle oasis

Most impressive is the fact that these ultra-DIY engineers don't use modern tools for their projects — they largely source materials from the surrounding jungle.

Mr. Tfue and Colleague
Mr. Tfue and colleague chiseling pillars. Source: Mr. Tfue / YouTube

Mr. Tfue recently posted the water park to YouTube channel this month, noting that the project, like all of his others, was built “completely from scratch.”

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Only basic tools

As the video (below) shows, Mr. Tfue and his two colleagues use only basic tools, muscle power, and smarts to carve the pool and slide out before filling their construction fills with water.

Mr. Tfue and Colleague Paint
Mr. Tfue and his colleague paint the underground swimming pool. Source: Mr. Tfue / YouTube

With a hot summer looming, we're not the only ones who'd like to escape to this jungle retreat, or even build one of our own, but closer to home. The entire DIY process and the completed project (plus a short fishing break) are free to watch in the video above.


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